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UrbanToronto visited the presentation center at The Residences at Central Park, a 12-acre master-planned community that enjoys one of the city’s most unique backyards: the Don Valley. Developed by Amekon Development Corporation, the project will ultimately deliver four residential towers, a residential mid-rise and two refurbished office buildings designed by Core Architects and built through a phased development plan already underway.

Aerial view of the model Residence in Central Park, painting by Matthias Besai

The Presentation Center is a light-filled space located on-site at 1200 Sheppard Avenue East, which will be converted into an event venue and gallery once the development is complete. After learning more about the redevelopment project slated to update the existing office buildings, we had the opportunity to speak with Amecon’s Executive Sales Manager, Jason Schiff, to discuss what’s on the horizon for the project.

Schiff explained that the first phase of the development of the Central Park community will begin with the construction of the 31-story Tower 1. Citing the building as his favorite in the project, Schiff walked us through the details of Tower 1 with the help of a laser pointer and two scale models, a miniature of the entire Central Park development, and a larger replica of Tower 1 itself, both on display in the presentation center.

Freestanding model of Tower 1 looking southwest, painting by Matias Besai

With Schiff directing our attention to various prominent parts of the tower, the first aspect that stood out was the colorization of the balcony to create a visual pattern reminiscent of the surface of a leaf. At its core, the project’s identity is framed around a close relationship with the surrounding natural environment, and the leaf-like image created by the white balconies on the tower’s facades is another way the development will remind its residents of how close to nature they really are.

Schiff also commented that an important aspect of Tower 1’s design is to set the tone for the building from the moment you arrive. Looking at the main entrance, this feeling is clearly expressed through the hotel’s style of ‘porte cochere’, a covered open space designed for vehicles. The space is framed by two water features and an accent wall of tightly spaced wooden columns, and provides a lighted canopy that protects residents from the elements while waiting for transportation.

View of the porte cochere entrance to tower 1 shown on the model of tower 1, painting by Matthias Besai

Looking more generally at the design of the tower, another notable feature is the green space that has been added to the already flourishing area. Like all future buildings on the site, Tower 1 has a green roof, and immediately to the east of the tower, the landscape plans have designed a garden intended to act as a quiet space that is separate from the socially oriented green spaces that are located. in the park area, Central Park Common. At grade level, the retail unit intended to be occupied by the cafe is positioned in the south-east corner of the floor plate with windows overlooking the garden, and will be the first of many retail spaces to be located at grade across the complex. .

A view of the greenery of the garden as seen on the model of Tower 1, painting by Matias Besai

Tower 1 unit offerings include one-bedroom, one-bedroom and one-bedroom, two-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts. Each has several permutations that are named after different types of native tree species, such as oak, birch, and magnolia, to name a few. Expanding on why this was his favorite of the various buildings in Central Park, Schiff focused his laser on the western corners of the tower. These units, he explained, have two balconies and unobstructed corner window with west facing sunset views.

Aerial view of the southeast corner of Tower 1, with corner window, image courtesy of Amekon Development Corporation

Schiff commented that Tower 1 has already seen over 85% of units sold prior to groundbreaking, and expressed his excitement to see the project move forward in the coming months.

UrbanToronto will continue to monitor the progress of this development, but in the meantime, you can learn more about it from our database file, linked below. If you wish, you can join the conversation in the related Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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