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The Indian Premier League Governing Council (IPL) is expected to meet in the first week of November to discuss the path ahead for the inaugural edition of the Indian Women’s Premier League (WIPL).

“The meeting will only take place if a third member of the Administrative Council is elected following the Indian Cricket Association elections later this month. When the third member enters The Administrative Council will convene and take steps forward,” a BCCI official said.

At the Board’s annual general meeting on Tuesday Members ratified the offer to launch the tournament with five franchises in March of the following year. Although it has not yet been decided whether the existing IPL franchise will choose the team first. But the newly appointed Governing Council, led by Arun Singh Dumal, will work on the blueprint before finalizing the structure.

At the inaugural launch of WIPL, a total of 22 league matches will be played, with each team comprising 18 players, with a maximum of six from abroad. according to the initial plan Only five international players can participate in the playing XI, with four from full member countries and one from relevant countries.

Each team will play twice and the toppers of the league will advance to the finals. The second-placed qualifiers will be decided through an Eliminator match between the second- and third-placed teams in the league round.

“There is now a new Administrative Council. Location layout needs to be decided with transport in mind,” the official said.

So far, the committee has offered two options. The first plan was to sell teams in six zones. Specifically, in non-IPL centers, city clusters in each zone were selected – Dharamsala/Jammu (North Zone), Pune/Rajkot (West), Indore/Nagpur/Raipur (Central), Ranchi/Cuttack (East), Kochi. /Visakhapatnam (South) and Guwahati (Northeast).

According to the second plan, both teams will be sold. But it doesn’t have a solid home base. The competition will be held at six IPL qualifying venues: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. It will be completed within the next month,” the official added.

If everything is in place The committee plans to finalize things by November. The goal is to formalize the bidding process by mid-December.


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