Winnipeg’s Animal Food Bank may be closing its doors due to rising costs | Catch My Job


Inflation is proving too much for one Winnipeg establishment and it may have to close its doors as a result.

The Winnipeg Animal Food Bank said it is suspending services indefinitely.

The organisation, which helps more than 200 families in the city every month to provide food for their pets, says a lack of donations, no funding, and rising prices such as gas, lead them to make the decision difficult

“We rely heavily on the generosity of the community to provide for pets in need of food,” said Nicole Frey, founder of the food bank.

He said the hope is that the organization will recover quickly and that people will step up and help keep the food bank going.

But if that doesn’t happen, he said they will have no other option but to close forever.

“I’m out of ideas and I usually have a lot of them … we don’t have any operational money and so when things get tough, we’re one of the first organizations to feel the impact.”

Frey said the thought of closing completely and what it could mean for the animals the organization currently supports brought tears to his eyes Wednesday.

“My concern is that if we have to stop operations completely, people will be forced to give up their pets. Whether it’s to rescue or to humane societies or SPCAs, friends and families, and that’s very traumatic for the family and the pet. “

During the first half of 2022, the food bank provided approximately 75,000 meals for pets in need in Winnipeg.

More information, including how to donate to Animal Food Bank Winnipeg, is available online.


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