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The witch burned at the pillar on the cover by Hi Flechman for Mystery of Darkness #10 It’s just the beginning of the gruesome comic book horror from Master Publications and its editor-in-chief. William K. Friedman. mystery of darkness It’s as famous now as it was in 1954, when Friedman wrestled with the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Offenses over position in a heated exchange about position. The series has 24 issues of 1951. -1955, and many of them are noteworthy from the perspective of a horror collector, Pre-Code, and Mystery of Darkness #10 It’s one of the best, Mia. Mystery of Darkness #10 and 15 of the 24 editions of this series are available for auction in 2022 27 – 28 Halloween Pre-Code Horror and Crime Comics Showcase Auction #40207 at Heritage Auctions.

Dark Mysteries #4 (Main Publication 1952)
Dark Mysteries #4 (Main Publication 1952)

William K. Friedman with the US Senate Subcommittee about the offence of children and youth

William K. Friedman, owner of Story Comics Publishing House, also stands out as the editor-in-chief of various genres. mystery of darknessNaming Ray Hermann It’s the real editor of the title. But Friedman was known for his practical editorial work. and even evading questions from the subcommittee on that issue admits that he approached the position from “legitimate attitude” as we can see This isn’t Friedman’s first newsstand censorship. and when his testimony was clear He was well aware of the limits he could push.

Mr. Beezer, are you affiliated with Dark Mysteries magazine?
Mr. Friedman, yes, but Dark Mysteries magazine, I edited the magazine.
Mr. Beezer, taken out by ─
Mr. Friedman, it was taken out by a company known as Master Comics ─ The magazine was released by a company known as Master Comics. I don’t remember if I had any interest in Master Comics, at least I don’t now. attention

Mr. Friedman, but from the evidence I heard before this committee From the very angry witnesses who showed up yesterday book publisher From the evidence I heard yesterday He had 3,000 cases before him in about 5 to 6 years and if I remember his evidence correctly. He couldn’t point to a single instance where he said that a minor had been turned off because he had read a particular manga magazine.

Mr. Beezer, you did not participate in the meaning, Mr. Friedman?
Mr. Friedman, I don’t. I try to be honest in your answer.
Mr. Beezer, aren’t you trying to say that you can’t point to the comic book as the direct cause of crime, rather to mention that crime and horror comics can be a common factor in all scenes in all child action?
Mr. Friedman, I’ve tried to tell you, not a psychiatrist, that from what I’ve heard, it turns out that everything is a contributing factor to the offending child. whether it’s a rainy day Whether he has 5 cents or not In his pocket? 5 cents in his pocket? But I want to go back to what I said earlier. ─ Other witnesses who came here this morning also stated that nothing happened.

As Friedman implied, a comfortable punch. This isn’t the first time he’s been in a position to protect publishers from government censorship. He was also a lawyer, and in 1934 he was appointed commissioner of licensing in New York City. Paul MossThe execution of the purchase of 59 magazines left the newsstand there. including some pulp Among other publishers, Friedman represents. Harry Donenfeldwhich would soon become the publisher of DC Comics, but at the time were pulp publishers including Pep story, spicy story and Gay Parisienne.

Friedman was well acquainted with perceived boundaries and was willing to test them with names like dark puzzlePriceless Pre-Code Horror Title: Yes Mystery of Darkness #10 and 15 of the 24 editions of this series are available for auction in 2022 27 – 28 Halloween Pre-Code Horror and Crime Comics Showcase Auction #40207 at Heritage Auctions. If you have never auctioned at Heritage Auctions before, you can get more information. You can check FAQs about the bidding process and related matters.

Dark Mysteries #10 (Main Publication 1953)
Dark Mysteries #10 (Main Publication 1953)
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