What the 2022 MLS season meant for Cincinnati FC | Catch My Job


When Chris Albright was hired as GM last fall and Pat Noonan as head coach a few months later, the hope was that both men would be able to take their vast MLS experience and bring it to a team that was built, torn down and rebuilt in for the previous 36 months by guys who didn’t have it. Maybe by mid-2022 they might look non-catastrophic, and maybe by mid-2023 they might look pretty decent.

Turns out the timeline was much faster than that. Albright filled out a roster of MLS veterans, bringing in guys like Junior Moreno, Alvas Powell, Dom Budgie and Ray Gaddis (out of retirement), all of which provided a level of stability that previous iterations of the Gerris had lacked.

And then Noonan went to work, getting the absolute best out of the guys at the top of the list, developing the kids and introducing a wide-open, attacking style that made for must-see Sunday football (they’ve scored 64 goals this year; 80 in total in the first three).

It’s one of the biggest single-season turnarounds in MLS history.


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