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You can add some new color to the streets of Milton.

The Town of Milton Arts has partnered with Milton and Red Tea Media to launch a two-year public art project funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism’s Anti-Racism and Anti-Hate Grant Program.

This year, the “Exclusively Inclusive” public art project explores themes of racism and hate in hopes that we can all do better. Ten artists created art to be placed in specific traffic boxes in Milton. The Traffic Box art speaks to the themes of inclusion, diversity and equity. The the artist The artists themselves represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, and each artist brings their unique perspective to the collection’s themes. A portion of the paintings created for the traffic boxes are included in an exhibition at Holcim Gallery, with an additional art piece with each artist’s contribution.

“As a place of possibility, the Town of Milton’s mission is to be a community that is a leader in welcoming diversity and celebrating inclusion,” said Kristen Scott Commissioner, Community Services, Town of Milton. “Hate and racism have no place in our community. Sharing messages of inclusion, diversity and equity through art provides opportunities for people of all ages to observe, reflect and start conversations. We are fortunate to partner with these talented artists, and thank Arts Milton and Red Tea Media for their leadership in this public art project that delivers such an important message.”

The first of the traffic box installations has taken place and the remaining nine installations will take place at a later date.


  • Alicia Uccello: Main Street and Nipissing (Lowes entrance to Milton Mall)
  • Nargis Naqvi: Louis Saint Laurent Ave and Farmstead Drive (across Boyne Public School)
  • Reilly Knowles: Louis Saint Laurent Ave and Leger Way
  • Desire Betty: Main Street at Milton Leisure Centre
  • Poonam Sharma: Thompson Road and Nipissing Road
  • Katika Markzel (AKA Candy Press): Main Street and Sherwood Community Center
  • Hope Flynn: Main Street and Maple Avenue/Sinclair Boulevard
  • Aparna Rangnekar: Main Street and Thompson Road (across from First Ontario Arts Center Milton)
  • Omar Hopkinson (Oms): Thompson Road and Drew Center (near Lions Sports Park)
  • Jungle Ling: Maple Avenue and Galbraith Avenue


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