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The Washington Public Library is hosting a Nothing but Iowa Trivia Night fundraising event on Thursday, Nov. 3.Rd. From 7pm-9pm, this Jeopardy-style trivia night will feature a dedicated Iowa quiz. All proceeds will go to the Washington Public Library Foundation.

Silent auction items are now available for auction at the Washington Public Library. which will be on display until trivia night on November 3.rd.

One of the organizers, Karen Moenck, spoke to KCII Radio about the newly formed event. “This is our first time. And maybe it’s the only time we’ve done this. It depends on how it will be. But we made this trivia night. So that we can emphasize the state of Iowa. So all questions will be about Iowa and its history. All silent auction items are from Iowa. Some stores offer items for auction while others make their own items.”

The team for trivia night will consist of four people. And the registration fee is $10 per person, to be paid at the door on the day of the event. A link for registration can be found at the bottom of the article.

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