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The 10,000-pound relocation of the granite Algonquin Regiment War Memorial is part of the ongoing reconfiguration of traffic control and lane expansion at the busy Algonquin Avenue-Jane Street-Front Street intersection

Located for more than 60 years at the intersection of Algonquin Avenue and Jane Street, in the name of progress, the North Bay landmark was vacated and moved a few blocks southeast.

According to historical records, the Algonquin Regiment War Memorial was unveiled on August 31, 1961, “to commemorate all ranks of the Algonquin Regiment who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War I and II.”

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On Monday morning, local company Sanderson Monuments carefully excavated the monument and prepared it for transport to its new resting place in Memorial Park. The granite monument is estimated to weigh 10,000 pounds. A concrete slab has been poured for the Algonquin Regiment War Memorial on the Ferguson Street side of the cenotaph.

The relocation is part of an ongoing traffic control reconfiguration and lane expansion at the busy Algonquin Avenue-Jane Street-Front Street intersection.

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The land on which the monument is located was donated by the city of North Bay more than six decades ago, but its reclamation was deemed necessary to complete the transportation project.

Funds for the memorial were raised over 10 years by the Algonquin Veterans Association after the idea was raised by members of James J. Sanstrum, Wib Fischer and Clem Boshn in 1952.


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