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Twelve gorgeous auction horses were put up for sale at an auction held at Blue Hors. The Autumn 2022 Auction Blue Hors combines the young, high-quality elite of European aquaculture.

Many of the top zebras and sport horses will be featured at the live auction on 12 November 2022. Auctions can be done both live and online for customers who cannot go to Denmark.

something special

The presentation of every twelve stunning auction horses from the 2022 collection is something special. Make the Blue Hors Fall Auction a unique place to buy and discover tomorrow’s superstars.

To cater to the needs and desires of every customer – our collection features a wide range of top notch horses. certified stallion and experienced horse show Offering a great collection of strictly selected horses with the best pedigree. outstanding movement great features and the talent needed for a successful future.

Dr. Weihegold (by De Niro of the Weihegold Dam)

Watching and Trial

Our 12 Special Auction Horses can be inspected and tested.

Wednesday: 26/10 , 2/11 and 9/11 kl. 14:00-16:00
Saturday : 29/10 ก.ค. 10-12

Our customer consultants can help you choose the right horse for your ambitions, so please make a personal phone appointment with one of them or fill out our ‘trial’ form.

online and live bidding

The Blue Hors Autumn Auction is a mixed auction that takes place both online and live.

Elton (by Blue Hors Emilio x Diamond Hit)

Although you can’t miss attending the big stage live auction at Blue Hors in Randbøl, Denmark. We also offer online auction opportunities. Online auctions can be submitted from October 12. The final auction takes place on Saturday November 12 at Blue Hors during our annual Blue Hors Dressage Festival.

To bid online Please register at


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