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Terra will close at the end of this month

C. sent an email with some scoop: Terra, the restaurant wedged in a building just north of the Franklin Street station on West Broadway, will be closing that location and moving into the Sagra Pizza Bar space across the street , which they also own. I called and they confirmed. They will decamp at the end of this month.

The Terra people refused to say why, only agreeing that it was too bad. Both places are incredibly vibrant and great additions to the neighborhood. “I think that corner is a big loss – Terra is amazing, especially outdoors in the summer,” noted C..

Sagra is their third edition of the pizza bar concept. During the pandemic they opened in Miami and then in November 2021 a second opened on Carmine Street. They had closed Attraversa during the pandemic, but the landlord there encouraged them to come back. Smart.

But the new restaurant will convert the 225 West Broadway space to Terra, and Sagra will be no more.

Tanya Hira Passon and Roberto Passon opened Terra in 2013; at this time was the couple’s third restaurant. (It was formerly Franklin Cafe Buon Gusto and 2Spaghi.) Roberto built the space himself and did a beautiful job, making sense of an awkward layout and taking advantage of the exposed beams, huge windows and loading dock for outdoor seating. (See below.) It must be hard to leave that behind…


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