Total trade through secret auction at Tirumangalam regulated market hits Rs.1.5 crore in two months. | Catch My Job


The total trade value of the newly started secret auction in Tirumangalam’s regulated market hit 1.5 crore on Monday. The market operates under the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agribusiness.

Regulated market supervisor G. Vengadesh said the secret auction system started at the market in August this year. “180 farmers and 45 traders have benefited from secret auctions until now. The total trade value made during this period is Rs.1.5 crore which is very welcome,” he said.

V. Mercy Jayarani, secretary of the Madurai Market Committee, said the recognition of the need for farmers to profit from selling their produce at competitive prices by eliminating middlemen in Tiru. Manakalam

It’s a secret auction. because traders bid for every Lot in quotation within the specified time. Collected in the ballot box and staff read only the highest price. and if the peasants agree The auction will be completed.

“We pulled a large number of farmers and traders in three blocks of Tirumangalam through President Panchayat and by creating a whatsapp group, the auction started slowly,” she said.

Paddy, cotton, sesame, peanut, green gram, blackgram, waraku, kumbu, kuthiraiwali, tuwarai, mochai, solum, and milakai watal were picked up by farmers from Kallikudi, Tirumanga. Lam, Kallupatti Block and Sivagangka and Wiru Bank districts traded during this month, Vengadesh said.

“Soon the Tirumangalam Market will be added to e-NAM, an electronic trading portal in India for agricultural products. Similar markets at Vadipatti, Melur, Usilampatti and Madurai in this district are already registered on e-NAM,” she said, adding that the start of an auction system at a regulated market in T. Kallupatti was in the process. action

The total trade value through Monday’s Secret Auction at the regulated market at Tirumangalam is ₹4,08,175.

According to an official statement, a total of 1,121.58 kilograms of blackgrams were traded by five farmers in Kulathuwa Ipatti village. And the two merchants who owned the mill benefited from it. The maximum bid for a kilogram of chickpeas at auction is ₹75.20, total trade value is ₹84,119.

In addition, farmers from Usilampatti sell 1,650 kg of ‘irungu solam’ at a price of up to ₹41.50 per kg. Vadapalanji traders benefit from a total trade value of ₹68,475.

Thirty farmers from Thirupawanam auctioned a total of 3,651.15 kg of cotton at a maximum price of 70 yen per kg, with a total trade value of ₹2,55,581. Four merchants including a spinning mill owner from Wiruth Naga benefited from it.


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