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Colombia, Mo (KMIZ)

The Missouri Treasurer’s office plans to give Missouri residents the chance to shop attractive in Columbia this week.

Officials will hold an auction for the unclaimed property at the Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center at 3200 Vandiver Dr. Auctions are scheduled to begin on Monday and Tuesday at 9am each day.

More than 2,300 items are auctioned, including jewelry. Comic books, coins, and other items Items at auction were sent to the state after being found in a safe.

Officials said the auction would allow the state treasurer’s office to add space for more items. Potential bidders can preview the sale items at 8:00 AM every day. Auction items can be viewed here.

The state will withhold auction proceeds until the owner of the vault is able to receive the money.

The winning bidder can pay and receive the item after each sale or at the end of the day. Sales tax is added to each purchase.

The Missouri Treasurer’s office has no bids for unclaimed assets in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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