The man who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run turned down a $3 million offer to sell it at auction. | Catch My Job


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Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run record will be Heading to the auction block later this month.CBS News’ Marc Schwartz confirmed that Cory Youmans, 35, who caught the ball Oct. 4 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, had turned down a $3 million offer for the ball.

Youmans plans to sell the ball to Goldin Auctions house and will go into auction on November 29.

“It’s fair in the sense that it gives everyone an interest and a chance to own it,” Eumans told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. “As a football fan I want to know how much it’s worth. who is buying And what are they going to do about it?

According to Passan, Youmans made contact with Yankees security the night he caught a home run, however, those conversations did not lead to Youmans offering the ball back to Judge, who broke a single-season home run record. of the American League with his 62nd home run.

“It would be great to get it back. But that’s a memento for the fans, they did a good job there. And they deserve to have it,” the referee said after breaking the home run record.

Currently, the most expensive baseball ever sold at auction is Mark McGwire’s 70th home run from the 1998 season, which was sold to comic book artist Todd McFarlane for $3.05 million.

The referee hit a historic home run in the Yankees’ 161st game of the regular season. in the third pitch of the first inning. The referee threw the ball from Rangers pitcher Jesus Tinoco into the left side of the stands. which the Umans can accept


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