The Lowcountry exhibit features art created by victims of human trafficking | Catch My Job


Hampton, SC. (WTOC) – A Lowcountry art exhibit will feature the work of victims of human trafficking, hoping to shine a light on the issue locally.

“It’s been incredible to see and witness, some of them choosing to share their voices in their stories,” said Sheila Rommeling, executive director of Fresh Start Healing Heart.

The art on display at this gallery in the Hamptons brings much more than meets the eye. Artists, all survivors of human trafficking, who have used art to help them heal, and tonight you have the opportunity to experience their work.

“We’ll have their art on display, we’ll have several poems on display, we’ll have a listening room where you can hear some of the survivors share their stories,” said Heather Brummer, executive director of Hampton Friends of the Arts.

It will be a traditional banquet as the folks at the Stanley Arts Center partner with Fresh Start Healing Hearts.

“We wanted to make sure that the women who created this work know that we hold it in the highest regard and that it will be treated with the highest level of professionalism and respect.”

The event, which starts at 6pm, is open to the public tonight and hopes to spread a powerful message.

“The exhibit itself is about bringing more awareness and compassion to the community about what human trafficking survivors go through.”

The art will be on the walls here through Christmas, and organizers hope its passion will stick with visitors beyond that.


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