The iconic 51-year-old store in the Arts District will close due to pandemic issues | Catch My Job


Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – Martin’s Mart in the Las Vegas Arts District will soon close its doors after 51 years, as the latest in the pandemic and post-pandemic woes affecting countless businesses across the Las Vegas Valley.

According to employees, the decision to close the store was due to numerous factors, ranging from high rent and overhead, labor shortages, and paid parking to the changing nature of the neighborhood.

“In the last five years, [The Arts District] Making it more beautiful. We realize we are not beautiful. We need. we are faithful And we’re there for the people,” said Judith Judith Schacht, former president of the nonprofit Main Street. Items range in price from $0.50 to several dollars, all aimed at helping struggling residents and the homeless buy clothing and basic items.

“We saw it coming, so it wasn’t a surprise. We are not leaving because of lack of money. Because we’re leaving [of] People,” he said, adding that customers have gradually moved away from the Arts District in recent years.

The 18 blocks that surround the Arts District have seen a major real estate boom, during the pandemic, and surrounding areas have experienced an increase in development as well as rising rental prices. Those changes drove out struggling families and the homeless, who couldn’t pay for the new addition of paid parking for Main Street customers.

According to the property manager, the sprawl of buildings along Schacht and Main streets has worked to keep the mission alive, as rents for other tenants have skyrocketed over the years. While there are conflicting accounts of the amount of current rent increases, both the property manager and Sachs can attest to increased costs for utilities, a business license, parking and other property and overhead costs.

Labor shortages across the United States have seen a shortage of people willing and able to volunteer for free at Martin’s Mart. Shortages occur because shops along Main Street are now required to stay open a certain number of days a week.

“It starts to be a sad feeling. Will change over time. It is difficult and a little uncomfortable. But we are seeing things, now, that yes, it is the thing to do, said Schacht.

“After 51 years, we will walk out with smiles on our faces, standing tall and knowing we made a difference,” he said.

The last day will be sometime around October 18. Essential customers are encouraged to stop by while the store is open.


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