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It almost looks like a dream come true.

diplomats in paris A CEO who explores the world of a Seychelles company. and the innkeeper’s son bought a huge iconic building in the heart of Harrisburg. It plans to redevelop the building into a luxury apartment complex of 288 units.

Other plans for the former federal courthouse include things like a rooftop with a bar and a heated outdoor pool. A restaurant in one of the courtrooms, a so-called “boiler room”, a health club, co-working spaces, and conference rooms.

But now the 56-year-old building is up for auction again.

The Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse at 228 Walnut St. will be auctioned on the Ten-X commercial real estate website Nov. 15-17, with a minimum bid of $4 million listed by Dunkle-Vartanian Group of Marcus & Millicap, a commercial real estate company

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Back in December, the 251,000 square foot building was purchased at an online auction for $10.01 million, and on January 27, the deal was complete. Several weeks later, Global Ocean Investment was led by the aforementioned Paris-based diplomat Justin Etzin. said he was a buyer And there are plans to develop the new building into a luxury apartment building of 288 units.

In the meantime, Global Ocean Investments also sold the building for $22 million, saying it was standard practice to do so. The company subsequently reduced costs to $18 million.

In June, Global Ocean Investments announced some changes to its original plan. This included developing 200 apartments instead of 288. At the time, the company published artwork to show what the renovated factory would look like. But it seems that those plans are no longer necessary. because the building will be auctioned again

The courthouse was built in 1966. The building is located near Strawberry Square and on the grounds of the Pennsylvania State Capitol. The building sits on 0.695 acres and has 55 parking spaces in the basement. Nearly 50 meters from the two public parking garages.

The federal government will continue to occupy the building until the completion of the new courthouse in Harrisburg.

“GSA in Pennsylvania currently owns the building and the reservation will expire on February 4, 2024, but has indicated that it will cancel it in Q1 2023,” the auction item said.

The court is being replaced by a $190 million 243,000 square foot building currently under construction at Sixth and Reily Streets in Harrisburg. The new building will be named after U.S. District Judge Sylvia Rambo.

Federal officials said the old building was inadequate for modern court proceedings and did not meet safety requirements.

Officials from Global Ocean Investments could not immediately be reached for comment.


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