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‘We look forward to hearing from specific stakeholder groups… to better understand the role public art can play in their work, lives and communities,’ the official said.

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The city of Orillia
The Art in Public Places Committee (APPC) is seeking input from stakeholders to help develop the City of Orillia’s first Art in Public Places Plan.

“The Art in Public Places plan will help create a local vision for public art within the city,” said Mayor Steve Clark. “The plan will help the city build meaningful infrastructure that brings life to public spaces, sparks curiosity among residents and visitors, and creates a sense of place for our citizens that connects them in unique ways to the stories deeply rooted in Orillia.”

This new stakeholder consultation is based on a community-wide public survey completed in 2021. This will include online surveys to gather feedback and input on public art from specific groups: local youth, artists and businesses. The results of the survey will inform a series of in-person workshops in future months.

Surveys are available to complete until November 10 at Hard copies are also available upon request by calling the Orillia Museum of Art and History (OMAH), which is responsible for managing the City of Orillia’s public art program under the direction of the APPC.

“In 2021, the Public Places Committee conducted the first public survey to start a conversation about public art in our community, and we had an overwhelming response,” said Kathryn Phillips, chair of the APPC. “We look forward to hearing from specific stakeholder groups such as youth, businesses and artists to better understand the role public art can play in their work, lives and communities.”

The 2021 survey received more than 400 responses, providing insight into the opportunities residents saw for public art to share local stories and inspire Orillia residents and visitors. Of particular interest to respondents were murals, interactive installations, and pieces by indigenous artists. Initial survey responses indicated that respondents felt public art played an important role in beautifying Orillia and expressing pride in the city.

Building on this previous involvement, APPC is working with Cobalt Connects, a non-profit organization specializing in public art, to inform the process to further explore these key ideas and areas of interest from a local perspective.

An Art in Public Places Plan will provide the City of Orillia with a roadmap for the funding, development and installation of public art. The plan will be based on research, best practices and local voices to ensure that the priorities and strategies set out in the plan reflect the needs and stories of Orillia.

Key city planning processes, such as the Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, Streets for All: Streetscape Improvement Master Plan and the City of Orillia Tourism Strategic Action Plan, call for public art to play a strong role in community and tourism development. The Public Art Strategic Plan will identify sites, a funding mechanism and link public art planning to Orillia’s future development.

In the coming months, the process will engage local youth, Orillia artists and arts organizations, business partners and other stakeholders in developing the plan. For more information, visit

APPC was established by OMAH in 2018, at the behest of City Council, to manage permanent and temporary industrial installations in the public domain on behalf of the City of Orillia.



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