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The Washington football team announces a name change to the Washington Commanders
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It’s no secret that fans are unhappy with the state of the Washington Commanders organization, and they were very clear about what they would like team owner Daniel Snyder to do. During Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, video showed security at FedEx Field telling fans to put up their “sell the team” signs.

After being asked to take down their signs, some fans got creative and wore paper bags with holes in them, along with the same phrase emblazoned across their foreheads.

According to the organization, signs are allowed at FedEx Field and must be “hand-held, event-related, in good taste and not obstruct the view of another guest.”

While the “sell team” signs didn’t seem to meet all of those requirements, fans did express themselves by chanting the phrase during the game. This included a moment shortly after co-CEO Tanya Snyder was shown on the video board for a prepackaged breast cancer awareness video.

Snyder purchased the franchise for $800 million on May 25, 1999, after receiving unanimous approval from NFL owners. Amidst the chaos the organization has been through and the investigation into the underreporting of ticket sales to reap tax breaks and alleged sexual abuse, many want Snyder gone.

Earlier this month, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said he thought “there’s merit” to removing Snyder as owner and suggested the 24 votes needed to pull him out were “potentially there.”

While chaos remains consistent for the organization, the players at least had a good day on the field, holding the Packers to a season-low 38 rushing yards in a 23-21 win. Next, the Commanders will travel to Indianapolis to take on Irsay’s Colts on October 30th.


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