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Antique Stores in DelawarePhiladelphia, PA If you’re looking for some good antique dealers in Delaware, you’ve come to the right place. At Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall in Newark, you’ll find a wide variety of products at a variety of prices. The best part is that you can visit them seven days a week. Located on Newark’s Main Street, this antique mall is a great place to shop for local produce.

Lewes Mercantile Antique in Lewes

Lewes Mercantile Antique in Delaware is a great place to find a variety of items. The location has over 30 merchants and a wide variety of collectibles. The store is located on Second Street in the historic district of Lewes. In addition to a wide selection of antique and vintage items, this store also offers modern and retro items. The selection is plentiful, and the prices are favorable. The store is open seven days a week. The kit includes tri-state and local items. It’s also a great place to find unique gifts and antiques.

Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall in Newark

If you’re looking for antiques, collectibles, jewelry, and other treasures, you should visit Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall in Newark, Delaware. It’s open 7 days a week and has a lot of merchandise. Many items are on sale and you can save money by buying early. The building that houses the shopping center used to be the police station and the church. The mall is two stories tall and has over 20,000 square feet of climate-controlled antiques for sale. The mall is conveniently located near Delaware’s beaches and Ocean City. It’s also close to Philadelphia. Offers free coffee to customers.

New Castle Farmers Market New Castle

The New Castle Farmers Market is a bustling place with fresh produce and seafood. It also offers free flu shots and a variety of other services. A great place to visit if you are visiting Delaware and looking for a new and exciting place to shop. The market also boasts a number of vendors who cater to local residents. The Újvár producer’s market is a weekly market that starts in July and lasts until 13:00. On Saturdays, the market is open from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The market can be visited for free, parking is free in the city center. When the market opens, expect a variety of vendors selling everything from fresh produce to antiques.

Antique Alley in Millsboro

Whether you’re into antiques, vintage collecting, or both, Antique Alley in Millsboro, Delaware has what you’re looking for. The three-story antique mall is open most days of the week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for major public holidays. With over 125 stalls and 70 traders, the store is a great place to find your next treasures. Many shops in the mall specialize in antiques and vintage treasures. One such store is Remember When, which features vintage and shabby-chic furniture and artwork by local artists. Another shop, Antique Prints, specializes in historical and decorative prints. Hudson’s General Store is a third antique store with antiques and reproductions.

Millsboro’s Antique Alley is a great place to find gifts and collectibles. The stores have good prices and knowledgeable staff. You can find everything from home furnishings to antique books and everything in between. Many people visit Antique Alley without anything specific in mind.

Spence’s Bazaar Auction and Flea Market in Dover

If you’re looking for a unique place to buy and sell items, visit Spence’s Bazaar in Dover, Delaware. This indoor and outdoor flea market welcomes guests with a diverse selection of products, delicatessen and bakery, as well as an auction. Also a great opportunity to shop for vintage furniture, antiques and handmade items. Spence’s Bazaar is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It’s a flea market, flea market, and Amish food market. The auction room was originally a farm where livestock and other agricultural items were sold. The owners converted the barns into outdoor spaces and painted the barn red.

Penny Lane Mall in Rehoboth Beach

Just a short walk from the famous boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Penny Lane is a unique shopping center that offers an eclectic mix of shops. The mall is easily accessible from both Wilmington Avenue and Rehoboth Ave and offers locals and vacationers a chance to enjoy the beach while shopping. The mall’s open, European design makes it unique from other malls. Inside are a number of specialty shops, including Cafe Papillon and the Old Salt Gift Shop. You can also find a jeweler, Dynasty Jewelry and The Sunglass Company.

If you are a big shopper, you will find plenty of goods to fill your basket with. In the spring and summer, check out the Farmers’ Market where locals sell seasonal produce. And don’t forget to shop tax-free: Delaware doesn’t collect sales tax, so you can buy your favorite products tax-free!

Heritage Antique Market in Lewes

The Heritage Antique Market is a unique place for a day of antique hunting. Its showroom is more than ten thousand square meters and contains more than 65 different antique dealers. Even though the market is huge, it doesn’t feel too crowded. One of Delaware’s largest antique markets. Customers come from all over the area to browse antiques. Located in Lewes, Delaware, this huge market is great for finding unique antiques. Many of the items sold here are rare and hard to find elsewhere. Located on Route 1 at Cave Neck Road, it makes a great pit stop on the way to Rehoboth shops. There are many other products on the market. In addition to antique furniture, you can also find fine art, ceramics and glass-blown home furnishings. Many vendors also sell jewelry, gifts, and accessories.

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