Terrifier 2 Review – Vomit-inducing killer-clown flick showcases the art of butchery | film | Catch My Job


HYour nerves and your stomach are old: watching this gorefest is almost too good to pass up. Apparently headlined for making moviegoers faint and vomit, with an ambulance said at a screening, Terrifier 2 isn’t for everyone, but this tasteless surprise delivers on nauseating expectations. Blood, guts, molars and tendons fly across the screen with reckless abandon. No part of the body is safe from Art the Clown, a Pennywise on bath salts who treats the human body like a diamond-studded piñata, every injury and decapitation releasing a bounty of guts and reserves of liquid rubies.

Between the mutilation scenes, there’s a plot—almost. High school student Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) prepares a costume designed by her late father for a Halloween party. The night before, Sienna had a vivid dream in which she encounters a confusing artefact, trapping her in a fire. For some reason, this causes a fire in his bedroom. The next day, Sienna and the people around her encounter the deranged clown in the flesh.

The creative way bodies are hacked to bits is the only truly innovative aspect of the film. These scenes are long and vague. The victims moaned in agony as they were turned into art toys. Despite the gore, impressive practical effects help ensure the film is absurd fun rather than outright brutal, more in the vein of The Evil Dead than the torture-porn of Saw.

The tacked-on commentary about the perils of unrestrained screen time and the absurd nature of true-crime entertainment, including name-checking Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, is hardly original, and the runtime is at least 40 minutes too long, but the cast promises, and the jaw-dropping scenes of the meat are being turned in. That makes Terrifier 2 appealing to a certain audience.

Terrifier 2 is out on digital platforms from October 24.


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