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Silhouette of mobile phone with TON coin logo in front of Telegram messaging app logo.

Telegram is pretty much forwarding the older TON Blockchain developed years ago. But now the company wants users to sell their names for profit.
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How valuable is your digital identity to you? or at least How much is the value in crypto? Thanks to instant messaging app Telegram, you can find out soon. Telegram plans to let users hang their digital identifiers on the public market to see if other people think your name is worth the change.

telegram announced in official thread On Thursday, the company was almost ready to launch an auction platform for TON blockchain usernames, known as The Open Network, which was originally developed and operated by Telegram. The transaction was supposed to use the native cryptocurrency Toncoin. of blockchain

Back in August, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram. mention He was interested in this auction house. After seeing how crypto people auctioned their wallets and domain names on their old blockchain.

“If TON can achieve these results, imagine how successful Telegram with 700 million users would be if we included @username, group and channel links reserved for auctions,” Durov wrote. He added that ownership of these usernames is “safe” in a blockchain similar to NFT. He also said that other telegram elements such as stickers, channels and even emojis can also be auctioned off.

The founder also said that in addition to the user’s address, (In other words, their username.) He said that all “four-character usernames” can be auctioned, including “@bank, @club, @ @gift games,” not obscene, but with “words.” Four letters”, a few more words that I thought to include in response to an attempt to sell the idea of ​​digital identity.

same as me Your brain remains silent for a long time when you hear the news. Followed by a question asked in a soft whisper, “Why?” You might be interested to hear that the sale of the username isn’t entirely original. as stated by The BlockUsernames on the Ethereum blockchain are sold through Ethereum name service. You don’t have to look far to find other projects. who came into the scene to announce many intentions NFT sells user digital identifiers for online gaming..

Telegram has experimented with crypto before, although it had to abandon its own efforts at Telegram Open Network and Gram cryptocurrency after they were investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Regarding the sale of unregistered securities After a federal judge rules the SEC wins Telegram call it quit on Gram and withdrawing from blockchain development hand control of Blockchain to the TON Foundation in 2021

follow BusinessofAppsTelegram has 500 million monthly active users and is widely used in countries like Iran with end-to-end encryption that allows anonymous messaging. This anonymity is a key selling point for Telegram. As reported by the Korea Herald, the app has gained a Slightly increased in popularity Shortly after South Korea’s Kakao and its KakaoTalk app KakaoTalk experienced several days of blackouts. which made it impossible for millions of users to communicate with each other.

But this adherence to anonymity has led to conflicts with the government. Germany this week telegram fine $5 million for not setting up the system to report illegal content. Many people use telegrams. Far-right groups online, extremist groups too political dissident because of its nameless nature

There are other privacy-conscious apps, including Signal, while Durov and Telegram have followed other messaging apps like WhatsApp for their clearer connection to the data vortex, Meta Meredith Whittaker, Signal’s new president. criticize telegram for Use cloud backup.


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