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Hyderabad: in a dire financial situation The state government has authorized the Hyderabad City Development Authority (HMDA) and Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Company (TSIIC) to conduct another electronic auction for 454 plots (new and remaining). ) over seven locations in three districts from 10 to 23 November for an increase between Rs 500 crore and Rs 700 crore.

An official told TNIE that while the cash-strapped government struggles to fund The government therefore uses the land auction route to add money to the fund. They said the three large plots of land in Chandanagari in Seriling Kampal would be under the hammer on November 18, 94 plots in Kawadipalli on November 10 and 11, 87 in Baha. Durpalli on 14 and 15 November, 145 plots in Torrur from 18 to 22 November, 14 plots in Turkayamjal on 23 November, 110 in Kurmalguda on 16 and 17 November, and Amithapur commercial plot. one plot on November 23

The land will be auctioned through MSTC Ltd, an Indian government organization. and is expected to be able to raise more than Rs. 500 crore all these plots. which are in various usage zones Suitable for stilts plus five layers.

HMDA will conduct electronic auctions for five sites at Thorrur, Turkayamjal, Bahadurpally, Kurmalguda and one commercial plot in Amisthapur, Mahabubnagar, while TSIIC will conduct electronic auctions for two sites in Chandanagar and Kawadipally.

They say the plots are divided in size from 187 square yards to 6,907 square yards in Amithapur. Electronic auctions start with a minimum price of Rs 10,000 for Kurmalguda and Kawadipally to Rs 40,000 per square yard for the Chandanagar plot. The increase will be Rs 100 and Rs 500 per square yard or multiples.

EMDs are between Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakh, pre-conference for various locations. It will be held from October 29 to November 10.

They said all the land was free of encumbrances and litigation and was immediately available for construction as there was no need to change the land use. The plot has a clear government land title deed of 100 percent, absolute ownership of the land. Limited-time expressway approvals through a single window.

All plots will have all the amenities such as potable water, underground sewage and storm drainage and BT roads. Up to 60 percent of the layout has been allocated for open spaces and parks, and HMDA will allow construction that does not. cumbersome

The layout will be one of the most cutting-edge developments which will present immense possibilities for individuals, groups, joint ventures, companies and developers. It is ideal for the construction of apartments, offices and commercial buildings.

meeting before bidding

Pre-meeting for various locations It will be held between October 29 and November 10, officials said.


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