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DuSelling horses in attersalls training often doesn’t score mentions in the 8 a.m. Today news headlines, but the Radio 4 flagship struggled for seconds on Monday morning to report that the King had sold horses to attersalls. 14 deceased mothers at the age of five Auction date this week.

This item is a little vague when it comes to details. Because it has been suggested that 14 “female females” are under the hammer in Newmarket. But to name just two: Love Affairs, a two-year-old who finished second at Nottingham 12 days ago and is likely to compete in third, and Just Fine, who has zero chances of making a baby. Because he’s a flirtatious 4-year-old and has the potential to be a great rookie hurdle jumper in the winter.

In fact, almost all of the 14 horses auctioned this week were Colts or Geldings. And it’s strange that Tactical, which is due to enter the ring on Wednesday. Mentions not rated As he was the Queen’s last winner at Royal Ascot in June 2020.

But the underlying message is pretty clear: the new king was not interested in the sport that fascinated his mother. And now the sale has begun.

Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that. This is because all breeders with operations of any size will sell their stake in racing in the fall to make room for the youngsters to fill the ranks in the spring.

That said, the Queen had 37 runners in the UK in 2022 before her death last month, and more than a third is due for sale this week. That’s a huge piece in everyone’s book, and the extent to which if those horses are replaced will guide the rate at which the royal racing action will be scaled down.

But the foundation of the owners and breeders’ operations are the females. And the Queen spent 70 years building a herd of impeccably mating mares at the Royal Stud on Sandringham Estate, many of whom were carrying foals that would eventually attract a premium on sale. It’s the final product of her beloved blood collection operation.

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Henri The Second
1.25 Sponthus
2.00 Macon Lakyakiat (nb)
2.35 rose of arcadia
3.10 Apple Sand Pierre
3.45 young butler
4.20 olympic honor
4.50 Royal Defender


Musho Mas
1.45 follow the rules
2.20 Great D’Ange
2.55 Sergeant Wilson
3.30 Prince des Ficho
4.05 here honey
4.40 DJ Pete
5.10 Cumhacht

cathartic bridge

2.10 Dapper Man
2.45 Peripetia
3.20 Cold Stare
3.55 oh so chic
4.30 Bay Breeze
5.00 bomb squad
5:30 a.m. write broadcast


ruling dynasty
5.15 Magicdollar
5.50 chasing love
6.25 Jack Of Clubs
7.00 Souffle
7:30 a.m. rampant
8.00 Burton Lodge Beauty (nap)
8:30 a.m. Babe Alicious

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It doesn’t make sense to take action that would be tantamount to selling the late Queen’s offspring in just a few weeks. But if or when her breeder began to appear in the arena. The clock will run faster .

No one in motor racing could ever imagine that the enormous amount of time and money spent on the late King’s blood treasury would be preserved after her death. So the presence of some of her racing stock in the fall sales should come as no surprise.

The rate at which the royal breeding action is declining, though, is the best guide as to how and how long her legacy in the sport will last.

Mixed Showcase for Cheltenham

The two-day Showcase conference in October was once a relatively minor re-opening of the new season at Cheltenham, once for annual members and diehard fanatics rather than a coach and train event coming down from London.

But there’s nothing quite like a low-profile card at Cheltenham, at least this side of the festival and Saturday’s meeting at the jump home, attracting a record 19,471 new attendees for the day.

acceptable That the figure was supported by about 5,000 students in the package deal. While Friday’s attendance of 8,590 is down 24% from 2019, it still has an impressive overall return at a time when the majority of the population has cut back on recreational spending. And most of the songs are struggling to get back together before COVID-19.

At least part of the reason for Cheltenham’s popularity growth during the last quarter was its marketing and branding excellence. It’s not sold for just one day at the racetrack. but sold one day at Cheltenham Ethnicity is something different and unique. And because premium experiences often come at a premium price, The fact that their number of participants is still going strong. It indicates that overall riders feel they get what they pay for.

meanwhile Brand loyalty is limited. Hence the disappointment reported among some racers at least. That food and drink prices at this year’s Showcase are higher, it’s understandable. For example, a pint of Guinness has risen from £7 to £7.50 since the March festival.

Sure, many racers have already started their day in a pub in the center of town. And it might arrive a little later than scheduled if an extra 50paints of beer is too much to handle. It’s also a small fraction of the total cost of a runway day when admissions, travel, and overnight accommodations are taken into account.

simple facts That racers notice the difference is a helpful reminder for racetracks where no one likes to think their loyalty is being overlooked in vain.


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