Steinbach is gaining a reputation for appreciating artists as well as art – | Catch My Job


Steinbach is proving to be a great community for the performing arts.

A new concert series is underway and Steinbach Arts Council Executive Director David Klassen says they’ve noticed performers are interested in putting on a show in our community.

This is especially true for artists who performed at Steinbach in their early years.

“To emerge as a professional artist and be asked again to perform for a home audience, I think that’s really important,” Klassen said. “It keeps those artists connected and rooted in our community.”

Speaking from his own experience as a musician, Classen says it’s an honor to come home and feel valued by your hometown.

“To be able to come back and just stay connected, and show the audience that supported you growing up, show what you’ve done and show them how far you’ve come, I think it’s a really big opportunity to be a musician.”

Classen is honored to bring homegrown talent back into the spotlight in our community, which is gaining a reputation for appreciating artists as well as the arts.

SAC is receiving positive feedback from performers.

“Many of them will tell us that their experiences with Steinbach and the Steinbach Arts Council have been very positive,” Klassen said. “And we showed them what it’s like to care as an artist and be appreciated by an audience.”

who performed at Steinbach this week to kick off a new concert series through SAC.

The next show is Dec. 6 with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Holiday Tour. Then on January 16th, Sultans of Strings will be at Steinbach, showing us why they’re a Juno-nominated group.

Manitoba Theater returns to Steinbach on February 28th with a show called ‘Assassinating Thomson’.

The final concert of the series is March 17 with Kathy Daniel and Daryl Friesen in a classical vocal duo with piano.


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