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The relative’s comfort level has increased

Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​is in his fifth season under center for the Vikings, but his first with O’Connell, a former quarterback.

Will Ragatz from Sports Illustrated recently wrote wide receiver Adam Thielen said in an interview with The Pat McAfee Show which he believes the team has benefited from the new culture under head coach Kevin O’Connell, especially Cousins.

“I think him just being able to be himself and being able to go out there and let it fly (is different),” Thielen said. “I think he has the ability to just be himself and not worry about ‘Hey, I’ve got to do this.’ or ‘I’m expected to do this to help this team win.’ “

In six games, Cousins ​​has completed 151 of his 228 pass attempts for 1,502 yards and nine touchdowns.

The win helps, but it’s clear O’Connell’s presence has made a difference in terms of Cousins’ comfort off the court in Minnesota. He seems more relaxed in press conferences and wears chains of teammates on flights after the game, a sign that someone is having a good time on and off the field.

The Vikings offense has a lot of room to grow, and Cousins ​​knows he can play better. But they win, which is all that really matters.

“He’ll admit, we’ll all admit, we didn’t play our best football on offense,” Thielen told McAfee. “And it feels good when you’re 5-1 and you’re really not even close to reaching our full potential as an offense.”


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