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Star-Lord, debuting in a magazine has always been a joke to me. Any Marvel character that is the case is interesting. This is because the Marvel Comics format has been completely forgotten over the years. There are a lot of good things in those mags. And I always thought they should bring that format back. It presents a more mature story in tone and action. It has a denser reading than standard floppy fare. I miss them. Star-Lord made his grand entrance in Marvel Trailer #4A copy of CGC 9.0 is up for auction today at Heritage Auctions at the time of this writing for $180. Check it out below.

Star-Lord soars into his debut  Bid in an inheritance auction
Loan inheritance auction

Star-Lord, but not as you know him. MCU fan.

“Marvel Preview #4 Star-Lord (Marvel, 1976) CGC VF/NM 9.0 white face. The birth and first appearance of Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Sword in the Star, painted gray Morrow P. Craig Russell Art, forward Bernie Wrightson, Overstreet 2022 VF/NM. 9.0 = $307; NM value- 9.2 = $475 CGC Census 10/22:117 in 9.0, up 490 articles I Say It’s Space Opera and I Say to Hell with It by Archie Goodwin, Pencil by John Fuller, Ink by Rick Bryant; Star-Lord article by Steve Englehart, art by Steve Gan; Star-Lord First House: Earth! Written by Englehart, art by Steve Gan and Bob McLeod; Introduction…Sword in the Star article by Edward S. Barkan and Bill Mantlo, pencil by Keith Giffen, ink by McLeod; Sword in the stars! Stave 1: Alas, the human seed! Written by Bill Mantlo, pencil by Ed Hannigan, ink by P. Craig Russell and Rick Bryant; and a Sherlock Holmes promotional ad with artwork by Frank Thorne, 76 pages, $1.00 cover price.”

I’ve always wondered how MCU fans who don’t read manga react when they see these cartoon versions of the characters. How many people will see this and pass it on because it’s so different from what we see on screen? Maybe I’ll start asking people Go here and get more information about this Star-Lord key and to bid. while there check other books offered today as well

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