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Optical illusion: While the brain is the center where all the image processing is done, the eyes are the receiver of the information we see around us. It happens that sometimes our eyes trick our brain into thinking that what we see is real. This phenomenon is called an optical illusion.

Optical illusions have fascinated people for centuries, in recent years the optical illusion craze has grown by leaps and bounds.

There are three types of optical illusions which are literary, physiological and cognitive.

Of these illusions, cognitive illusions are the most studied by scientists because they provide insight into how our brain subconsciously interprets.

In addition, optical illusions are a great source of entertainment. It can brighten up a dull day and is a good form of exercise for your brain.

Furthermore, practicing optical illusion challenges is said to improve your observation skills.

Do you have good observation skills or want to improve your observation skills?

Either way, you have to face the optical illusion challenge to find out.

So let’s get started.

Optical illusion: Can you spot three bells in 15 seconds?

Optical Illusion – Spot a soda can in 11 seconds


Source: Reddit

The above image shows a jungle scene on a beautiful sunny morning. The greenery all around is a treat for the eyes.

As stated above, the challenge for you is to spot a soda can buried somewhere in the jungle and the time limit is 11 seconds.

So get ready.

Garbage was a frequent problem, and piles of waste created by human activities harm the environment.

This challenge is a test of your observation skills and is easy to moderate in difficulty.

An experienced riddler will be able to spot the soda can before the allotted time, while a novice would need a few seconds more, which is quite normal.

Did you notice the soda can?

Time is running out and you better hurry.

The soda can is there, you have to concentrate well on the image to spot it quickly.

Need a hint?

The soda can is not on the right side of the picture.

Now that’s more than enough to find a can of soda.

Time’s up.

How many of you could spot the can of soda?

Most of you may have noticed the can while some are still looking for it.

Want to know where it is?

Scroll below for the solution.


The soda can is on the left side of the picture highlighted in red.


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