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Spectrum allocation for satellite services was a key issue in the launch of 36 communication satellites by OneWeb, the Bharti group of companies, on Sunday. Following the launch of Bharti Enterprises Chairman Sunil Mittal in a conversation with a group of journalists Reiterating that spectrum auctions do not make sense in the case of satellite services.

“This service (satellite service) doesn’t compete with mobile services where you can justify bidding. Something should come out which works or India could miss satellite services,” Mittal said, adding that was not the intention. According to industry players in this area Spectrum allocation through the auction mechanism leads to situations where usage may be restricted to a single player. This affects Digital India’s roadmap to provide broadband to the masses.

In India, Amazon’s Project Kuiper and Bharti Enterprises, through OneWeb, aim to provide satellite internet. Others such as Elon Musk’s Telesat and Starlink are also active in the Indian market.

“The spectrum of satellites is blocked. It has to be seen how they (the government) will allocate – either through administrative allocations or through auction. because the business case is very small You can’t have 1,000 MHz at Rs. 7 billion to serve two 15 acres in the country,” Mittal said beside the OneWeb event, which coincided with his 65th birthday.

For two commercial launches – the first on Sunday and the other in January 2023 – OneWeb has entered into a Rs 1 billion deal with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The company is looking to provide internal broadband services. By the middle of next year, on a business-to-business basis, Mittal added that talks about the prospect of procuring Gen2 satellites from ISRO and for other cooperation

OneWeb is in the process of obtaining regulatory approval for its merger with Eutelsat Communications. France’s big This is being structured as a OneWeb share exchange by shareholders (other than Eutelsat) with new shares issued by Eutelsat, so at closing Eutelsat will own 100 percent of OneWeb (excluding the UK government’s ‘extra share’). OneWeb shareholders will receive 230 million newly issued Eutelsat shares, representing 50% of the additional capital.

Of the 648 satellites that OneWeb targets for that constellation Approximately 460 have been launched so far, and all are expected to be in space within the next year, with most of them being launched by Russian rockets through an agreement with Roscosmos. The ongoing Russia-Ukrainian crisis had a negative impact on the company. Subsequently, the launch was moved to India. Radhakrishnan D, President and Managing Director of NewSpace India Ltd (NSIL), ISRO’s commercial entity, said, “We have shown the world how to contract and implement such a project in three to four months.


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