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Friday, November 18th marks the 10th anniversary of the Sports Art Auction. It is a collaboration between the Keeneland Association and the Cross Gate Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky. Every year Greg Ladd and his staff travel the world seeking new examples of sporting art from both and establishing new painters and artists. sculptor A portion of the auction proceeds benefit Keeneland’s non-profit initiatives, including the Keeneland Library Foundation.

This year’s auction is truly on show. It is a magnificent painting called “Going Out Epsom” by British artist Sir Alfred J. Munnings. He meticulously planned his painting. He would often bring his own horses and groomers to the track. (when not in session) to draft those horses. Including the maintenance mechanic Rudge who will pose as a jockey. It has a potential sale of $3 million to $5 million. Cross Gate Gallery founder Greg Ladd gushed, “out of 20Thai The sports art painter of the century he was a man! He’s a great painter. It is the most important racing car image sold in the last 25-30 years.”

Montana artist Diana Tremaine’s beautiful gray painting appears on the cover of the Winter 2022 issue of Keeneland Magazine. She adjusts to the horse’s personality and explains how she tries to capture the moment. “’The Grey’ means alertness. Listen/witness/respond to something beyond our awareness. In painting her soft tones, I tried to find the perfect combination of warm and cool purples, grays, yellows and browns to evoke her calm yet unified posture. Like all my work I strive to allow for a wide variety of markings and colors — opaque, refined dark — telling stories of the mystery and power that lie within these magnificent creatures.” Tremaine grew up in New York City and earned Influenced by her aunt and uncle’s art collection, which included Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky.

“Her favorite pieces are at auction this year,” said watercolorist Sandra Oppegard. Greg Ladd said, “We have two. One is called ‘Toward the Gap’ and the other is called ‘Turf Racing on the Backstretch’. Really nice pieces. As soon as she brought it in, I said, ‘Then let’s wait this thing up for auction. Larger pieces than she usually works, including drawing, watercolor, light and darkness, are included in this piece. I just love it!” said Oppegard, having fun attending the auction in person. “I got bourbon. [to calm my nerves] and watch with friends It’s fun to watch other people. but made me nervous Especially when it comes to your work.”

The auction also features many beautiful farm animals. This year featured cats and kittens, pigs, ducks, long-eared rabbits, ducks, pigeons and dogs. Suzy Smith, a Kentucky native, grew up riding horses on a purebred farm. She began drawing dogs and horses as a child. “Pointer” and “Black Lab” are two of her paintings. “Being part of the sports art auction has a different meaning for me. The challenges that come to my mind are always in the form of questions. Is my entry good enough to be considered? It was a nerve-wracking feeling to see your art as part of such an incredible auction alongside the joy of being there.”

There is the most beautiful and loveable Berkshire pig statue by Nick Bibby. She is known as “Dittisham Lady 22”. Bibby visits pig breeder Sue Fildes with the intention of sculpting one of her champions. Unfortunately, she is no longer in acting condition. Then he noticed the sow’s daughter. “There is no doubting her quality. Lady 22 is a lively and energetic little pig: full of energy. I sculpted her like I’ve seen her, head up high, tail held high, scorching hot after delicious food! I chose a stain that matched her mark — the black it contrasted with the creamy white face, feet, and tip of the tail. and a pretty pink nose.” Self-taught Bibby is recognized as one of England’s finest animal sculptures.

Artist Jaime Corum describes horses from her past in such detail that every equestrian knows instantly what she is talking about! “Visa is a giant in my early memory. My about wonderful horses He had a huge influence on me when I first started riding at 12 years old. Penny chestnuts with lots of chromium Visa was my training horse. And I totally admired him. strong and handsome Visa is an old thoroughbred. Slender build, 17 hands tall. I remember him walking like a jaguar. And the way he floats around makes the fortunate person sit on the hill look like something extravagant and a little sexy. above all I remember his smart eyes. This is often the sly look seen in horses who know their value and agree to cooperate with humans because it pleases them.”

This is the first year that British photographer David Sinclair’s photo “The Prayer” was auctioned in 2015 for the auction. Amarillo Globe-TimesThis black-and-white photo is a powerful overhead shot seconds before the bumbling Bronco leaves the stall, taken at the Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) Finals. Four men prayed over the horse and rider with their hats off, their heads bowed, and their hands extended. There was enough time for Sinclair to fire a single frame. A perfect example of a picture worth a thousand words.

Auction enthusiast Andre Pater has three paintings. Including images that are part of the official 2022 Breeders’ Cup World Championship artwork, the “2022 Breeders’ Cup, Keeneland Race Course” is displayed in the official program. and capture Keeneland’s famous racecourse and huge sycamore trees in beautiful light.

British artist Peter Howell was introduced to racing at an early age. At first he chose a career in racing. His painting “Deauville, Exercise by the Sea” captures the morning sunlight glistening on the water as a group of horses and riders (works for trainers and riders) realize he is for an artistic career. riding exercise It’s a perfect example of why Howell is so popular. He was inspired by Claude Monet and French impressionists Edgar Degas.

“Gesture” by Ukrainian artist Serhiy Hai is one of the most stunning works. With striking reds, oranges, blues, purples and blacks, Hai portrays a straight horse rider. Hai was sponsored by the Cross Gate Gallery as an artist in residence. Now that he’s back in Ukraine, Quinn Public Relations’ Liz McNeil says Hai had to smuggle his painting out of Ukraine into Poland in order for it to appear at this year’s auction.

This year, one hundred and eighty works of art were exhibited. They represent an amazing global community of great talent united by their love for the arts of sport. It talks about a year’s worth of acquisition work by Greg Ladd and the staff at Cross Gate Gallery. Special mention goes to Field Ladd and Bill Meng. Pick up a catalog if you can. They put together a lot of racing history in the description. It’s worth reading! And is a true page turner!

The 10th Sports Art Auction

Friday, Nov. 18 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Keeneland Sales Pavilion in Lexington, Kentucky


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