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By Express News Service

CHENNAI: Seven stolen antique idols hoarded at a shop in Auroville near Puducherry were seized by Idol Wing officers on Friday. The seizure followed a tip-off that a handicraft shop in Auroville was hoarding ancient idols stolen from temples in Tamil Nadu.

Idol Wing DGP Jayanth Murali said after inquiring and ascertaining the truth, Idol Wing got an order from the Judicial Magistrate to search the premises. “A special team comprising Idol Wing Trichy DSP Kathiresan and Idol Wing Kumbakonam Inspector Indira raided Metal Crafts at Bommayapalayam in Auroville, Villupuram district,” he said.

The seized idols are 116 cm long bronze idol of Arthanareeswarar, 60 cm long metal idol of Arthanareeswarar, 60 cm long bronze metal idol of Arthanareeswarar, 126 cm long bronze idol of Sivagami Amman, 126 cm long bronze idol of -Krishnan, 22 cm long metal Buddha idol and one 34 cm long bronze peacock (Mullu Mailvaganam) idol.

During the search, the officers also seized a document from the Archaeological Survey of India, which said it was one of the three idols of Ardhanareeswarar as an antique. Police said 42-year-old K Ramachandran, owner of the shop, was trying to get the clearance certificate from the ASI when they came to know that it was an antique idol.

According to the press statement of the idol wing, since the owner could not establish the origin of the idols, the Idol wing is investigating how, by whom and from where the idols were stolen. The idols are expected to be submitted to ASI for verification and the report will be forwarded to HR. & CE department for identifying idols and assigning them to temples.


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