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Sean Devine won the most votes to become a Knoxdale-Merival councilor on Monday night.

After serving three terms on the council – most recently as chairman of the health board – outgoing councilor Keith Egli decided it was time to move on.

Seven people were in the running to replace him: communications strategist Joseph Ben-Ami; real estate agent James Dean, who finished second in 2018; Devine, playwright and community activist; graphic designer Miles Egli (yes, he’s Keith’s brother); Peter Anthony Weber; bicycle mechanic Peter Westaway; and business attorney Michael Wood.

Devine’s priorities included better roads, sewers and transit, as well as strengthening the power grid.

After Monday night’s victory, Devine said he hopes to be an “honest communicator” for his constituents.

“If I could help provide some kind of accountability and transparency so that hopefully residents across the city, especially in my ward, can feel that they can trust me … that would be an accomplishment in itself,” he said. .

Devine said he “got tired of how dysfunctional the council was” during the last term.

“I know I can be part of a different culture on the council,” he said. “I really just want us all to start in a spirit of collegiality and cooperation.”

Three people are smiling at the camera.
Sean Devine, center, poses with his campaign managers at Fitz’s Classic Grill BBK Smokehouse in Nepean after winning a seat on city council Monday night. (Dan Taekema/CBC)

Dean did not respond to a CBC poll of councilor candidates, but his website listed priorities that include fixing roads, addressing debt, keeping taxes low and getting the LRT back on track.

Miles Egli’s priorities included pausing Phase 3 of the LRT expansion until he sees how Phase 2 goes, affordable housing and a formal emergency preparedness plan.

Ward at a glance

The map shows the boundaries of Ward 9 Knockdale-Merivale.
Map of Ward 9 Knockdale-Merivale. (City of Ottawa)

Estimated population in 2022: 42,940

Estimated population in 2026: 43,303


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