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The 2022 grant budget includes replacing playground equipment at Seagrave Park, as well as excavating existing sand surfaces. Engineered wood fiber installation Procurement and installation of new playground equipment

Existing playground equipment is now available for public auction with the highest bidder on Pursuant to Township Procurement Laws, proceeds from the equipment sales will be invested in other Township park infrastructure.

As of 2018, Township has changed one playground each year. To ensure equipment safety and to restore Township Park in accordance with the 2022 grant budget and four-year forecast. The following parks are planned for replacement over the next five years:

  • Seagrave Park (2022),
  • Roy E. Carter Park in Blackstock (2023),
  • Herbert A. Bruce Park (2024);
  • Dulake Park (2025), and
  • Putsey Park in Caesarea (2026)
  • More parks will be slated for years to come.

In addition, when creating a new subdivision in a municipality Four new parks with playgrounds are planned as follows:

  • Cokers Creek Park (2022)
  • Ashgrove Gardens (2023)
  • Dale Park Park (2024)
  • Castle Harbor Park (2026)


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