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The Viking Tavern restaurant is now open at 3299 Wurzbach Road.  - Facebook / Viking Tavern restaurant

Facebook / Viking Tavern restaurant

The Viking Tavern restaurant is now open at 3299 Wurzbach Road.

New dining spot in San Antonio Viking Pub Restaurant has begun serving hearty dishes of slow-smoked meats suitable for hungry diners, according to television station KENS5.

Among other meaty dishes, the menu at the themed restaurant, located at 3299 Wurzbach Road, includes eight-hour smoked beef ribs, braised lamb shanks and a wild game burger featuring elk ground, wagyu beef, bison and wild boar.

“Vikings were really farmers in every aspect. It’s all about a farm-to-table kind of deal, really just appreciating the earth,” executive chef Sergio Moreno told KENS5. “We’re the only ones like this in San Antonio. We haven’t found any other restaurant that goes away from this genre, or a Scandinavian centre.”

We’re not sure where Valhalla Nachos fit into traditional Scandinavian fare, which is big on grains, fatty fish, berries and stone fruit. But, hey, it’s Texas.

The strip mall restaurant’s social media accounts show plenty of room in the dining room, where hungry customers receive their large plates from well-dressed waiters.

Of course, pool tables, arcade games and LED-lit hallways aren’t exactly the sort of thing found along the Scandinavian coast during the 11th Century. But with pop culture’s hunger for all things Vikings, San Antonio fans may be willing to suspend some disbelief.

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