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Rocket Raccoon fans might be fascinated by Incredible Hulk #271But you really need to own it. Marvel Trailer #7Which is one of Marvel’s older magazines to launch. How many Guardians were released in these Mags? I’ve always loved this one because it has an amazing Satana cover by Bob Larkin. This is a very hard to find book especially in good condition of any type. That is why a copy of the CGC 8.0 that is being auctioned off at Heritage Auctions is something that should be on your radar. It is currently sitting at $200 at the time of this writing. Check it out below.

Rocket Raccoon Enters the Marvel Universe at Heritage Auctions
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Satana is cooler than Rocket Raccoon, I say what I say.

“Marvel Preview #7 Satana (Marvel, 1976) CGC VF 8.0 White Pages Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon’s first appearance in “Sword in the Star” Vincente Alcazar’s Bob Larkin painted cover Art Alcazar and Keith Giffen Overstreet 2022 VF 8.0 = $238 CGC Census 10/22: 91 in 8.0, 201 Above App 1 Rocket Raccoon. Cover photo by Bob Larkin; Satana illo by Vicente Alcazar; Why the devil’s daughter? Article by John Warner; Damnation Waltz Satana by Chris Claremont, art by Vicente Alcazar; Chapter II: La Simphonie Diable—The Story of the Devil’s Symphony Satana by Claremont, art by Alcazar; From the article Devil, a Daughter by Claremont, art by Michael Netzer and Esteban Maroto; Just a year ago… Article by Bill Mantlo, art by Terry Austin; And the sword in the stars!: Stave 2: Witchworld! Story by Mantlo, first professional art by Keith Giffen, $1.00 cover price.”

This is a very good copy that Guardians and Rocket Raccoon fans should consider adding to their collection. Go here and get more information about this copy and to bid. while there go to see other books offered today as well

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