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Have you ever wished that your reward, whether purchased, gifted or even inherited, was an accessible cash instead? That’s what Nick Clark, owner of Nick Clark’s auctions and real estate sales, does every day. He turns your property into cash in 21 days or less.

Clark is the sole owner of Nick Clark Auctions and Nick Clark Real Estate. He has been a licensed real estate broker in Mississippi for 38 years (since 1984). He has sold the residential property. commercial property Farming and hunting land, forestry, trading and liquidation, inventories and equipment.

Clark is a licensed bidder and is tied to Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. Honesty and fair dealing are the backbone of his business philosophy. In addition to real estate experience He has more than 40 years of real-world business experience as the owner of printing companies in Mississippi and Tennessee. His home and business are located in Madison County.

Nick Clark is a member of the National Auctioneers Association, Mississippi Auctioneers Association, Louisiana Auctioneers Association, National Real Estate Association, Mississippi Real Estate Association, United Multiple Listing Service, Mississippi Association of Commercial Realtors, and the Certified Appraisal Guild of America.

Since starting his auction career in 2007, Clark has organized auctions. real estate sales and over 700 appraisals in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. We auction regularly:


• Residential – vacant or occupied.

• Vacant land – one lot or all development.

• Multi-family housing – duplex, four duplex, etc.

• Apartment complexes – 5-500 units.

• Resorts and vacation rentals – in the area or outside the city.


• Office buildings – 1,000 to 100,000 sq ft.

• Warehouse – any type or location.

• Restaurant – independent or franchised.

• Crops – turn on or off.

• Production facilities – open or closed.

• Shopping center – 3 -300 units

• Industrial plants – open or close.

• Undeveloped Land – 1 -1,000 Acres

• Earning Features – All Types

• Hotels/Motels – 10 -500 units

• Schools, hospitals, government buildings


• Farm – big or small, 5 to 500 acres.

• • ranch – horses, cows, big or small

• Timberland – 10 -1600 acres, everywhere.

• Cropland – Planted or not planted?

• Hunting Territories – Everywhere

• Acres – 10 to 1000 Acres, Everywhere.

We can liquidate your assets or your loved ones in an efficient and professional manner. We turn your assets into liquid cash.

We lot and list all products. We provide printed catalogs on all auctions.

We can supply tables, chairs, public address systems, beverages, tents, restrooms, etc. as needed.

We acknowledge and consider all of your information on the list…we need your opinion!

Advertise your sales online. in local newspapers, direct mail, our email list and signs in place

How do I know which auction is best for my situation?

Nick Clark Auctions will come to you and offer free analysis. Whether the auction or sale of real estate will best meet your goals. Auctions are not always the best answer. I will be honest and thorough and explain every step of the way how the auction process works and how it will benefit your situation.

We are cash buyers of coin collections of all sizes. scrap gold or silver gold and silver, diamond, jewelry and fine watches (Rolex, Patek-Philippe, etc.)

Call us at 601-317-2536 for a free, no obligation consultation. Licensed, bonded and insured References are decorated with pleasure.


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