Prime Minister’s Statement on Banda Chor Divas | Catch My Job


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today issued the following statement about Banda Chhor Divas:

“Today we join Sikh communities in Canada and around the world to celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas.

“On this holiday, Sikhs remember the story of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, who was imprisoned in 1619 in Gwalior Fort. When given a chance to be released from prison, the Guru refused to be released without the 52 innocent kings imprisoned along with him. In the end, he managed to free himself and the kings.

“Today, families and friends will gather to pray, celebrate and light candles in their homes and Gurdwaras as symbols of hope, leadership and freedom.” On Bandi Chhor Divas, we reflect on the importance of solidarity with those around us who face injustice and the importance of serving those in need.

“This celebration is also an opportunity to recognize the important contributions that Canadians of the Sikh faith have made – and continue to make – to building a stronger Canada.”

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I wish a happy Bandi Chhor Divas to everyone celebrating.”


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