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Are you looking for a place to eat near Campus St. John the Memorial University?

This article features some great food places within walking distance of MUN.

1. Tim Hortons

There are four Tim Hortons near the St. John Memorial University.

The first two locations are directly on campus. There is one in the
The Arts and Administration Building, and the second one is inside the Aquarena at the Works (Gym). The only downside is that its opening hours vary from semester to semester, so keep an eye out!

The third location is in the main lobby of the Health Science Centre. Located at 300 Prince Phillip Drive (in the same building as the MUN School of Medicine), this Tim Hortons is open 8-4 pm Monday through Friday.

About 15 minutes’ walk from MUN, there is also a Tim’s in Churchill Square. The cafe offers affordable sandwiches, warm treats and a wide variety of drinks.

Must try: Double Double Coffee and Ice Cap.

Price range – $

2. University Center Food Court

The University Center (UC), near the Memorial Clock tower, also offers a wide variety of options ranging from Chinese food to delicious fried chicken from Mary Browns (opening soon). There are many seating areas where you can have a meal and relax after classes!

Must try: Smoothie at Booster Juice.

Price range – $-$$

3. Eat MUN

Preparing meals can be tiring while attending university. Thankfully, MUN residences provide on-campus dining services. Meal plans are easy to buy at the Residence Center and can be a great alternative to saving time.

4. Subway on Elizabeth Avenue

One of the favorites is Subway on Elizabeth Avenue. The menu is quite varied, and the restaurant is open 24/7. It is easily accessible from MUN Residences.

Must try: Pizza sub without the pizza sauce.

Price range – $-$$

One of the favorites is Subway, on Elizabeth Avenue. The menu is quite varied and the restaurant is open 24/7. It is easily accessible from MUN Residences.

Recommendation- Pizza sub without the pizza sauce. Price range – $-$$

5. NJ’s and Taste East

If you want Indian food, NJs in Churchill Square or Taste East on Allandale Road sell delicious, affordable meals. The dishes may be a little spicy, so please mention your spice tolerance level when placing your orders!

Must try: The biryani.

Price range – $-$$

6. Additional Options in Churchill Square

Churchill Square has a lot to offer. If you prefer Mexican food, Quintanas is the place to be. If you love Japanese food, Noodle Nami is great, and if you’re craving a Jiggs hot lunch or a hot breakfast, Smittys is your place to start.

Must try: Miso Chicken Ramen from Noodle Nami, Mexican Flag from Quintanas and Jiggs lunch from Smittys.

Price range – $-$$

7. Big Bite Pizza

Another local favorite is Big Bita Pita, located at the end of Churchill Square. It’s a foodie’s paradise, and the portions are unbelievable. If you want to change things up, Donatis is right next door. Both places offer meals for students and are open late into the night, making them perfect spots for late night cravings.

Must try: Chicken Shawarma from Big Bite Pita and Pepperoni pizza slice at Donatis.

Price range – $-$$

8. Majesty

Finally, my favorite place for treats is Majestea. The restaurant offers fresh juices and milk tea. The specialty is bubble tea. Although it can be a little pricey, the quality of the ingredients and the excellent service make it a 10/10 place. It is a real success.

Must try: Brown sugar milk tea or Lemon meets Lime if you’re feeling adventurous!

Price range -$-$$


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