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Originally estimated at $21 million, the 11.15-carat Williamson Pink Star diamond was sold for $49.9 million at a Hong Kong auction.

The 11.15-carat pink diamond sold for $49.9 million in Hong Kong, setting a world record for the highest price per carat for a diamond sold at auction.

Auctioned on Friday by Sotheby’s Hong Kong, the original Williamson Pink Star diamond was $21 million.

This gem gets its name from two legendary pink diamonds.

The first is the 23.60-carat Williamson diamond, which was awarded to Queen Elizabeth II of England in late 1947; The second was a 59.60-carat Pink Star diamond that sold for $71.2 million at auction in 2017.

The Williamson Pink Star is the second largest pink diamond to appear at auction.

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most valuable colored diamonds.

“When you consider her alluring connection to Queen Elizabeth, Rising Pink Diamond Prices Due to Increased Rarity and against the backdrop of an unstable global economy. This diamond could prove to be a very attractive proposition for the right person,” said Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds.

“A hard asset such as a world-class diamond has a good track record. Some of the highest quality diamonds in the world have doubled in price over the past 10 years,” he said.


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