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Apparently rapper and producer Pharrell Williams spent lockdown like the rest of us, looking around his house and wondering how he ended up with so much stuff. This American musician rose to prominence in the ’90s that was unbearably heavy. Over the course of his successful four-decade career, US musician Collected enough treasures to fill 11 storage rooms.

Now, apparently inspired by Marie Kondo’s decadent philosophy, he’s selling his early business. They were released through a new auction site called Joopiter.

Launched by Williams The platform aims to sell memorabilia from music history. It started by selling part of his own collection. In addition to honoring the unique origins of the pieces, The sale is also the start of what he describes as a His own “transformation” into a simpler, less cluttered life.

Although the sale is online only. but the parts was put on display in New York Only true collectors or the curious will see what Williams has gained over the years.

until Thursday The auction is titled Son of a Pharaoh and offers an overview of Williams’ extraordinary career.

when his success began So are his shopping habits. And his rising star was reflected in his purchase of a diamond-encrusted Rubik’s Cube keychain. It is currently being offered for $8,750, an 18-karat gold PlayStation, about $10,000 discounted, and a custom-made grating (for the teeth) made of gold and precious stones. It can now be purchased for $8,250.

Gold Astronaut Pendant, $56,000 by Jacob & Co. Made for Pharrell Williams, worn to the Versace Spring 2004 Haute Couture Show. Photo: “Joopiter.”

The producer behind the hit charts like Britney Spears’s. I am a slave 4 UNelly’s Hot in HerreLike Jay-Z’s hits, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, then spend his money on these crystal-clad Stan Smith trainers. and Jacob & Co jewelry, a jewelry store chosen by the rap community.

This includes a gold and diamond-encrusted NERD buckle. which now sells for $11,500 and a solid gold astronaut pendant. It is now priced at $56,000, which he wore to the spring 2004 Haute Couture Versace fashion show.

A white diamond necklace and a gold BlackBerry are also available for sale, as well as a diamond-encrusted Casio G-Shock x Bape watch for $12,000. A four-person trainer from Williams’ Humanrace collaboration with adidas is available for $3,900. Hand painted for $1,500, and even a large Louis Vuitton multicolored chest with a reserve price of $72,000.

The folds are brand new, made-for-sale items, such as the toss that holds many auction items, and even the Sons of Pharaoh T-shirt for $65.

It looks like Williams has long-term plans for Joopiter, and in the future, friends and creatives will be invited to host the auction. A percentage of the proceeds go to Black Ambition, a program that supports entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Update: October 23, 2022, 10:59 a.m.


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