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Oka Sextant Katha Trailer: Antique Play

Senior actor Krishna G Rao, who appeared in the role of a blind old man in KGF serial, will next be seen in Oka Sextant Katha.

After the trailer of the movie which is out now, it is about an old man named Nano Narayana who is living a happy life until his wife is diagnosed with an illness and needs 20 million for surgery.

He then tries to sell an antique sextant telescope through which we can see others naked. His friend is a young artist who tries to help him.

The rate of the item increases when the owner changes. The trailer ends on an interesting note with a series of fun elements.

The younger artist friend tries to try out the binoculars, to which the old man says no, and then a mediator follows to see if boys will also appear naked.

Director Sarathi Kumar seems to have made this movie with fun and good vibes.

Produced by Kesari Film Capture, Oka Sextant Katha is gearing up for release.


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