Nike shares inspiration for Patriots Air Force 1 2022 | Catch My Job


The color of the AF1 is Patriot Blue, just like the current Navy home uniforms. The upper line that separates that fabric from the white sole is red, reminiscent of the bold stripes on the shoulder of the jersey and down the sides of the pants.

The heel of the shoe features a flying Elvis, the Patriots’ primary insignia, and the team’s trademark, “We Are All Patriots,” is woven into the tongue. The boots come with red, white and blue laces, so fans can change the look in the same way players change their home and away kits.

Nike took many cues from the home jerseys, connecting the themes of camaraderie that comes with fandom and philanthropy. Of course, no New England sneaker would be complete without subtle references to the team’s six Super Bowl championships.

The lace-up deubre features the “RKK” initials of Patriots president and CEO Robert Kraft laser-etched into a chrome image as a nod to the Lombardi trophies. The six stars embroidered on the sneaker’s U-neckline and engraved on the lace caps represent each title the franchise has won.


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