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If you know someone who has an overcrowded china cabinet or has collected too many teacups and saucers over the years, this new event could be just what you’re looking for.

Tea and Timeless Treasures is a new event taking place on Saturday 15th October from 9am to 4pm at Vankleek Hill.

Tables will be available for hire in local church halls and will sell china, glassware, figurines, collectables, teacups and saucers, servingware, cutlery, vintage jewelery and more, says organizer Louise Sproule, publisher of The Review.

He says the idea came to him as a result of his career in real estate.

“I’ve met a lot of people who have nice things that they’ve collected over the years, but now when these people are faced with downsizing, they ask, ‘What can I do with all this?’ Sproule explained. “I realized that even though they are not willing to give away their treasures, they would like nothing more than to sell the items to someone who really wants them,” Sproule continued.

And so, a sort of quality vintage sale seemed like an opportunity for people from all over the region to come across beautiful things that could be snapped up by others who love those items.

“Sometimes we have to let things go, but often there is someone who preserves our items with renewed enthusiasm,” Sproule said.

This first year is a risky thing, he admitted, but the places started to fill up from mid-September. St. John’s Anglican Church Hall is fully booked and they are now taking seats at Knox Presbyterian Church, he noted.

Church organizations also roll out the red carpet for this shopping day. While people shop for treasures, St. John’s Anglican Church and Knox Presbyterian Church will be offering tea and treats, as well as baked goods in their church halls.

Admission to Tea & Timeless Treasures is free, but tea and treats are available for a small fee, Sproule added.

If you have items to sell, please make sure the items are sparkling clean. Those who worry they don’t have enough to sell can share a seat. A spot for sale costs $25, and friends are welcome to share a table.

“We invite people to spend the day in the city, buy unique items to take home and take a kind of walk through the past. I love antique shops and I thought this was a way to create a multi-site antique shop for a day,” he noted.

For information or to reserve a seat (tables are included), write to the following e-mail address: [email protected]


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