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They are some of the most beautiful animals in Canada and every two years they are auctioned off to the highest bidders. The RCMP Musical Ride will be available this week and could be yours.

If you’ve ever had the chance to see a Musical Ride in person, you know how special they are, but some RCMP horses won’t.

Horses that do not meet RCMP’s specific standards will be auctioned off to the new owner. The horse auction starts on Monday.

“If we have at least six horses that don’t meet the requirements for a Musical Ride, we’ll place an auction,” RCMP riding expert Sergeant Scott Williamson said. It meets our exacting and rigorous requirements for size, mood and color.”

The minimum bid is $2,000, with the average horse price being between $12,000 and $14,000.

“Actually this year we have 10 horses up for auction,” Williamson said. “Three horses are being auctioned out immediately because of their colours, and seven more horses, although they meet size and color requirements. But it doesn’t meet the emotional requirements.”

All of these horses will go to good homes. The RCMP has the right to reject any bidder to ensure that each horse gets the right owner.

“They did and probably do very well in horses in other disciplines. in the equine industry, such as jumping and horseback riding,” Williamson said.

Next year marks RCMP’s 150th anniversary, and they say they hope to take their Musical Ride on a tour across Canada.

Horse auction closes on 12 Oct.

A pair of auctions in 2018, where 36 horses were sold, raised more than $500,000. The most expensive horse that year cost $35,000.

Sales proceeds will go back into Musical Ride’s breeding program.


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