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American singer, songwriter and rapper Lizzo treated the audience to a two-hundred-year-old historic crystal flute at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. The flute was made in 1813 by French flute maker Claude Laurent, according to the Library of Congress, and was given to former US President James Madison as a gift.

Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden wrote in the days leading up to the DC stop on Lizzo’s North American tour that Lizzo had been invited to view the wide range of the library’s flute collection. Hayden tweeted to Lizzo that he’d love to check it out next week when he’s in Washington and maybe even play a few. Hayden said they were like his song “Good as Hell.”

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That dream became a reality Tuesday night after the Grammy-winning musician visited the Library of Congress and got to use the vintage flute live.

Lizzo later said she twerked and performed with James Madison’s flute from the 1800s. He shouted that history is so awesome! He also thanked the Library of Congress for protecting their heritage and making history a fantastic subject.


  1. Who is Lizzo?
    Lizzo is an American singer, songwriter and rapper known for her hit songs, body positivity and confidence. He has four studio albums: Lizzobangers Big Grrrl Small WorldCuz I Love You Special Multiple AMA and Grammy nominations. In 2020, he won two Grammy Awards.
  2. What are Lizzo’s hits?
    Lizzo broke out with her third album, Cuz I Love You, and has released several banners including Juice and Truth Hurts. His most recent Billboard entries included “Rumors,” a collaboration with Cardi B, and the TikTok favorite “About Damn Time.”

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