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on thursday night Respected musicians, fashion VIPs and influence seekers gather to celebrate the launch of Pharrell Williams’ new auction platform at an upscale party in Soho. The musician and fashion mogul will be selling 52 diamond-encrusted appliances from his stylish life through Joopiter later this month. (Did you really expect him to do a depop?) And last night, the guests got a few samples. sundries

In a room lined with thick purple curtains and carpets The pedestals feature glittery ornaments and crystal-embellished clocks. Elsewhere, stools are draped by designers. Jackets or sneakers and other miscellaneous accessories, I think they’ve spent a lot of time in Pharrell’s lockers for the past few decades.

Despite all this wealth I was surprised to see that the most popular item – prominently featured on the cover of the auction catalog sent to me at the entrance – was a gold BlackBerry, although I liked the handheld PlayStation. Hold an older model (such as gold) available nearby.

Much of the artifacts were drawn from Pharrell’s creative imagination, such as the glittering pendant necklace with NERD illustrations, and the Goyard chest featuring Bape and Billionaire Boys Club icons. There were several Pharrell-created Adidas pieces, including three thick Swarovski-coated Stan Smiths. Pairs My personal favorites are this multicolored jeweled grill set and a pair of diamond-coated Oakleys, which look like seductive protective glasses. (With my greatest disappointment Farrell’s gigantic helmet could not be found.)

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when i arrive Farrell was standing near the entrance wearing his tiny Tiffany diamond-shaped sunglasses and boxed in light pink button-down pants and matching pants. He looked like his dermatologist, a witch of eternal youth. He told me he was “thankful” and described the evening’s purple theme (“It’s regal”) before telling me he was engaged to Tiffany (brand). “This is our first child,” he said, knocking on his glasses. sunscreen His real wife and son were nearby, both looking downright stylish.

Pusha T, who squeezed this between shows in Austin and Atlanta. Explore the scene quietly from the purple curtain wall. “It was something bittersweet,” he told me. Think of Pharrell buying silver and colorful gems 30 years ago. I’m still making replicas of what he’s doing. I don’t know if I want to see it out or not!”

I don’t know enough about fashion, music, or BlackBerrys to assess their value. Although with the glitter and general excitement surrounding I’m tall. Everything else I rate on a scale of 1 to 10 crystals.

As soon as I walked in I was clearly aware of how old-fashioned I was. Everyone brought out a buttery leather raincoat and sneakers from a niche designer. In fact, I couldn’t see many people’s shoes. Because of the large selection of leather pants around the room. But without Pharrell’s giant hat, many of the guests came with nice looking hats: I saw light blue hooded berets, rainbow bucket hats, Fez-like items, and of course, the Supreme hat. bulk baseball caps All have sports teams. modern art museum or mysterious logo design 9 Crystals, minus one for the Supreme Hat.

Builder Tyler arrived around 9pm and made a beeline for Slick Rick and Pharrell half an hour later. The trio are stuck in the middle of the iPhone-crazy crowd, but seem to be having fun with themselves.

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At one point, LaKeith Stanfield was following me in a furry, black trimmed jacket and a beanie with rivets on the sides. I caught Vic Mensa studying a red Letterman jacket, which he told me. I think that makes him feel Elsewhere, singer Snoh ​​Aalegra lingered nearby. with a glass cube containing several of Pharrell’s Audemars Piguet watches, puffy floral robes. covered her upper arms greatly. I was told that the fragrant man in a bright blue suit was Nigel Sylvester, a BMX star, and later, I spied Moyes Arias, looking at a Super Mario replica of a diamond. Tiny, presented with: Ashley Graham wearing a KAWS University oversized sweater in all black, Venus X and Sage Elsesser.

Around 9:40 p.m., Jaden Smith arrived in a cloud of cigarette smoke and enveloped what I could only describe as a wrinkled bronze robe. He and Farrell looked like they had just stepped off the Couture spaceship. Glide to the center of the room to take a picture. 10 Crystals, even if KAWS doesn’t want to chat.

Photo: David X Prutting/

lots nts-nts It’s so loud that you have to lean in so close that you can smell someone’s breath to hear it. Fortunately, many people have mint gum on hand. 2 crystals

Servers surround the room with a matt black tray holding sushi and champagne glasses. Bottles and Pellegrino water are also served at a small table in the back of the area. 4 crystals

Everyone, both Normi ​​and Celeb, rhymed with Pharrell’s influence and seemed in a good mood about the importance of the artifacts on display. No one I spoke to said they were planning to bid at the auction. But one woman said “Everything looks beautiful and sparkling. And I want it all,” recalls a man who works at Columbia Records, drawing on his Timberlands as a child to imitate Pharrell’s counterpart. He muttered, “If you’re going to lend me $100,000…” 8 crystals


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