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The Mumbai Indians finally managed to breathe a sigh of relief. Jofra Archer, who cost Rp 8Crs, is ready to play cricket again after a year and four months absence. in the United Arab Emirates He will attend England’s Roaring Lion Training Camp next month. The British Pacer is currently recovering from a back muscle fracture. So he’s not 100% working yet. I disqualified him from the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup and England Summer. He must have missed IPL 2022 sooner as well.

The IPL 2020 “MVP” award goes to Archer, however, he is disqualified from the 2021 and 22 editions due to injury concerns. Despite this, MI bought him during the IPL 2022 auction for a large sum of money, so IPL 2023 fans would like Archer to join. they which had a problem last year

In March 2021, he took part in the last international competition. He has not been involved in any cricket matches since July 2021, meanwhile, he is recovering from an elbow pain before experiencing back discomfort. Even though he was preparing for his return And he maintains a central England contract until 2022–23.

ESPNcricinfo reports that Archer will fly to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to recuperate. It is important to mention that people like Saqib Mahmood and Brydon Carse will follow him. Lions Training Group The injured man for most of the 2022 season will be in the Gulf of Thailand from 6 November to 27 November and on 23 November a three-day exhibition game against England’s Test team.


According to the director of the ECB in December England will visit Pakistan to test the series. They will then head to Sri Lanka to host the Red and White, after which the ECB’s director of operations, Mo Bobat, sheds light on the selection process for the training camps in the United Arab Emirates. Tourette “It is tailored to suit the individual best.”

M Bobat also said that “Camp selection is carried out closely with both the players and the county. And a number of players are encouraged and encouraged to seize other opportunities. both at home and abroad It would be nice to be able to introduce Lion’s development experiences and camps in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The camp is also supporting the England Men team in their preparation for Pakistan. This allows England and Lions players to work closely together in international situations.”.

England supporters’ hope is that Jofra Archer will return to England as soon as possible. Since the international launch Well-rounded players are outstanding. In fact, Archer had a huge impact on England’s 2019 World Cup winning ODI campaign.


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