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On Friday, India’s top broadcasters will decide how much the Cricket World Cup is worth. These competitions are vying for market attention with the bigger and bigger Indian Premier League. This has tripled in value from the last qualifying round during the e-auction in June.

There are up to eight global events in the upcoming media rights round – 2024-31, one every year. In the pre-T20 era, only the ODI World Cup was played every four years and the Champions Cup was billed as a mini-World. The Cup was introduced in 1998. After the T20 takeover in 2007, the International Cricket Council (ICC) began to expand its activity cycle. India Cricket Board – BCCI, the financially strongest organization, sees the ICC too much as a hindrance to its member committees’ desire to be self-sufficient.

Hiding behind those ideal positions has spurred control of cricket’s finances. The BCCI could be one of the 12 countries to play for the test. On paper, the ICC speaks as a regulator that serves 94 Associates, but essentially becomes a tool for other influential member committees to counterbalance BCCI’s progress in policy matters. % of ICC revenues are broken down by country in play.

Decisions on how many ICC events will be dictated by prevailing opinions in the boardroom. When the BCCI, governed by the Court Appointing Administrators (2017-19), was in vulnerability, the ICC added additional global activities. in the calendar

Will the World Cup every year reduce its marquee stats? ICC doesn’t think so. “The annual event allows our broadcast and commercial partners to leverage their investments annually,” said ICC CEO Geoff Allardice last year.

Fragilely built

Rights are sold by territories. The Indian market must queue first. The share of such rights amounts to more than 70% of the revenue earned on existing rights. The same broadcasters who had spent a lot of money on the IPL two months ago returned to play. The collection has been stressful.

While BCCI sells IPL rights through electronic auctions, the ICC has chosen the traditional closed auction route. Viacom 18, breaking the bank for IPL digital rights, has internal communication with the ICC, citing ‘lack of transparency’ and demanding to have an electronic auction on Wednesday cited the exit of the process. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PWC) ‘Process Auditors’, they threaten to not get involved. Other Indian broadcasters such as Disney Star, Sony and Zee are known to be unhappy. But they don’t know how far they can go with the conflict.

An ICC source addressed the issue, stating that PWC’s role as an ‘independent third party withholding secure financial bids between offer and opening’ ended when it was decided whether to Send and open bids at the same time. “There is still independent oversight of the process,” the source said.

The four broadcasters previously wrote to the ICC to question what was unknown in the tender process. 11,408 tens of millions) for 4 years and multiplied by 2.8 times (approx. Rs. 32,000 crore) for an eight-year auction. It is known that bidders must conduct an electronic auction if the two leading bids are no more than 10 percent of each other.

“The ICC has gone for the element of the unknown. in a closed auction If bidders don’t want to miss it, they can put in a lot,” said a source familiar with the matter.

Follow IPL Leaders

While the comparison of ICC and IPL events is not equal – IPL offers 410 matches in 5 years, ICC has only 52 games in India in 8 years. depending on what you see The winning bid is expected to be a reflection of where broadcasters view ICC events in their portfolios. The BCCI bilateral rights will also go on sale next year.

“People often talk about the rights of the ICC as if it were external to its members. They are members’ rights as well,” ICC Chief Commercial Officer Anurag Dahiya said last month. “In the strategy and timing that will come after IPL, we have spent months on different aspects of this, working with the BCCI. All of us in the federal area are not surprised by what IPL can do.”

The financial auction opens on Friday. Assume that there is no need for a second round of auctions via electronic auctions. The winner will be announced after a board meeting on Saturday.


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