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Lot 1324 + 1325: two rare Walther P 38 Model S pistols, Georg von Stavenhagen

Lot 1324: Walther P 38 Georg von Stavenhagen Modified Short Version at Hermann Historica starting at €5,000.

For those interested in more modern pieces, Hermann Historica has two real highlights in the catalog with lots 1324 and 1325: two Walther P 38 pistols from renowned gunsmith Georg von Stavenhagen. Born in Russia and fleeing to Paris from the terror of the October Revolution, this eccentric character began a career as a stage designer; then he moved to Berlin, where he became a successful photographer, but also became interested in weapons. In fact, he patented the white dot sights on pistols, starting in 1962. This Luger series is said to include only seven pieces, two of which are now going under the hammer at Hermann Historica! Both models are tuned weapons from parts supplied by Walther and Wehrmacht remnants.

Lot 1325 in Hermann Historica’s October auction: a long version of the Walther P 38 modified by Georg von Stavenhagen.

The pistol in lot 1324 comes in 9mm Luger caliber and with a barrel length of 100 millimeters. Mainly the sights and the hammer were modified. Stavenhagen fitted the trigger with a trigger stop. He also modified the security. The pistol comes with a nice fitting anodized aluminum backstrap. The gun is serial number 305091 and has a mirror finish barrel. The price starts from 5000 euros.

The similar model 1325 also comes in 9mm Luger caliber, but with a longer barrel (total length: 150 mm). The serial number is 3. Otherwise, the modified parts are similar to lot 1324. Both pistols are fully blued and arrive to the buyer as new. Lot 1325 also starts at 5,000 euros.


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