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When an auction has as great a deal as the Heritage Auctions Long Beach Expo US Coins Signature® auction, make no mistake: this exciting event offers more than 1,500 coins and elite patterns. up when divided into individual collections

1870-CC $20 AU50 NGC
1870-CC $20 AU50 NGC

Fortunately for those attending Oct. 6-9, many of the auction items can be organized into different collections.

Todd Imhof, Executive Vice President of Heritage Auctions, said: “This auction sheds light on what can happen when enthusiastic collectors spend years or even decades pursuing the finest coins. “This event brings together rare items from a well known collection. This leaves some special coins that, in many cases, have not entered the auction market for years.”

Among the top lot At auction is an 1870-CC Double Eagle AU50 NGC Variety 2-B, one of 22 lots on sale that make up the Olivia Collection, including 19 Double Eagles. About 40 survived, with only 3,789 remaining from original production.

Because this issue is for useful purposes only. In fact, most of them eventually lost their attrition. PCGS estimates 40 to 50 of them survive today, while Rusty Goe in Confident Carson City Collector Slightly more generous, with survival estimates of 55 to 65. Untitled 1870-CC Twenty Years in Mint State. Most collections have no specimens in all grades. Fewer than About Uncirculated 1870-CC.

Other popular lots from the Olivia Collection include but are not limited to:

1892-CC Double Eagle MS62 PCGS Variety 1-A

1883-CC Double Eagle MS61 PCGS. Variety 2-A

1875-CC Double Eagle MS62 PCGS. Variety 2-B

Northern lights of the Vermilion collection

This comprehensive 92 lots collection includes 59 premier lots on Thursday Oct. 6, with a focus on high-quality US gold, including Eagles, Double Eagles and Half Eagles.

1795 $10 13 tickets, BD-1, High R.3, AU53 NGC
1795 $10 13 tickets, BD-1, High R.3, AU53 NGC

Among the top lots in the collection are the Eagle 1795, BD-1, AU53 NGC grade AU53 and the Eagle 1799 Capped Bust Right, BD-7, MS63 PCGS certified.

1799 $10 Minor Stars, BD-7, R.3, MS63 PCGS
1799 $10 Minor Stars, BD-7, R.3, MS63 PCGS

1807 Bust Right Five Dollar Gold BD-5 Grade MS63 NGC and ranks among the best known. Similarly, the MS64 PCGS-certified 1806 BD-1 half eagle is shown only at PCGS. Subsequent dates include the 1867 Liberty eagle-certified MS62 PCGS, the best model at PCGS and the year 1915. -S Panama – Fifty Dollars Pacific Octagon – High End – MS64+ PCGS Certified with CAC

Other popular lots from the Northern Lights of Vermilion Collection include:

A 1931 Double Eagle MS65 PCGS

1876-S Double Eagle MS64+ PCGS CAC

A 1929 Half Eagle MS63 NGC CAC

Allan H. Goldman Collection

Goldman is a well-known New York-based real estate investor. Passionate about both coins and American currency. The first part of the Allan H. Goldman collection was featured during the Heritage Auctions’ July Long Beach/Summer FUN Signature® auction, where these marketable coins produced great results.

The second draw, 108 lots at this auction, includes some exclusive Premier Session coins, as well as ten dollars of 1875 gold AU53 PCGS.

1875 $10 AU53 PCGS
1875 $10 AU53 PCGS

It’s tied for the second-best known example of one of the lowest circulating gold coins from the entire U.S. gold series – only 100 were hit by the Philadelphia Mint in 1875. located in the green label holder will be Welcome to the Best Collection or Registry Pack.

Also featured in the Goldman collection are the three late Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles series, 1929, 1931 and 1932, each with a MS64 PCGS rating.

1929 $20 MS64 PCGS
1929 $20 MS64 PCGS

Other popular lots in the Goldman Collection are:

1879-O Liberty Double Eagle, AU50 PCGS, Variety 1

A 1920-S Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, MS61 NGC

A 1930-S Indian Eagle, MS64 NGC

Christopher J. Salmon Collection of Massachusetts Silver Part II

The auction includes the second installment of the most complete collection of Massachusetts silver ever. Salmon revolutionized the way Bay State silver coins were collected and organized.

1652 Willow Shilling Salmon 2-B
1652 Willow Shilling Salmon 2-B

Included are two New England Shillings (1652) – one 3-B and 3-D – as well as an array of 1652 Pine Shillings in Small Planchet and Large Planchet form, and Willow Tree and Oak Tree silver in Fig. different types

1652 New England Shilling, Salmon 3-B, VF35 NGC
1652 New England Shilling, Salmon 3-B, VF35 NGC

1652 Oak Tree Shilling, Salmon 1-B, XF40 NGC. Noe-2, W-440, High R.6
1652 Oak Tree Shilling, Salmon 1-B, XF40 NGC. Noe-2, W-440, High R.6

The Complete Collection of Proof Seated Liberty Dollars

Seated Liberty Dollars collectors will find 25 lots to choose from in the Perfection Collection, including a stunning early Seated Proof Dollar, as well as the best today and everlasting Liberty Seated Dollars Basic Register Set. The tenses of 1858-1873 for proof coins. With 24 proven CAC-certified rare items, this collection stands out for its technical care as well as eye-pleasing appeal and memorable tones. Each coin is in incredible condition for issues and qualify for the Premier Session.

Selected highlights include rare CAC-certified Proofing Dollars from 1840, 1854, 1855 and 1857, as well as 1858 Proof Only Issued Dollars in PR64+ Cameo in Lot 3075.

1840 $1 PR64 PCGS. NCPO OC-P1, R.7 low
1840 $1 PR64 PCGS. NCPO OC-P1, R.7 low

1858 $1 PR64+ PCGS CAC Pendant
1858 $1 PR64+ PCGS CAC Pendant

Other popular lots from the Perfection Collection include but are not limited to:

1863 on the PR67+ Cameo CAC — probably the best-known Cameo of that era.

1865 in the PR67 CAC, which received the best certification.

1866 with the motto in PR67 Cameo CAC.

The Song Family Collection

From this extraordinary collection comes the stunning Double Eagle 1857-S from SS Central America, Certified MS67 Prooflike by NGC

1857-S $20 MS67 Prooflike NGC. Variety 20A
1857-S $20 MS67 Prooflike NGC. Variety 20A

No, the 1857-S Double Eagle is rated more finely than either NGC or PCGS in proof-of-concept. It’s the only competitor to the almost equally astonishing MS67 «NGC SS Central America Twenty items have already been sold at Heritage Auctions’ August 2022 Signature® auction for $198,000, although proofreading slots may set coins offered in completely different territories.

Raymond Lynn New Orleans Mint Gold Coins

This collection has a US gold pattern. 36 collector’s grades, highlighting the Liberty Head Half Eagles and Eagles from the New Orleans Mint. Most coins in the collection grade in the Choice VF to Choice XF range.

Popular lots from the collection include but are not limited to:

1850-O Double Eagle, VF30 PCGS

1850-O $20 VF30 PCGS. Variety 3
1850-O $20 VF30 PCGS. Variety 3

1842-O Half Eagle VF20 PCGS

Gold Medal 1850-O, MS61 PCGS, Variety 1

1909-O Five Dollar, XF40 PCGS, Variety 1

Schwenk Family No. 1 PCGS/CAC Peace Dollar Set

This is at least the 10th PCGS Registry Set and at least one of his five Registry Sets to be ranked first for Dr. George Schwenk, who pursues the Copper, Silver, and Gold categories and collections. many types

Popular lots from the Schwenk Family Collection include but are not limited to:

MS65 PCGS Certified 1934-S with CAC

1934-S $1 MS65 PCGS CAC
1934-S$1 MS65 PCGS CAC

MS66+ PCGS Model Year 1922-D $1 CAC

MS65+ PCGS Model 1927-D with CAC

MS65+ PCGS certified 1928 with CAC

The auction will include a second work, beginning with The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Core Collection, Part I, September 29. The extraordinary Bass collection is one of the finest collections of US gold coins. and related formats and has disappeared from the public eye for more than half a century.

Pictures and information about all lots at this auction can be found at HA.com/1349.

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