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Division 2 will have a new representative, with a familiar face returning to represent Schumacher

The polls were closed and unofficial results were announced.

At the head of the Timmins council table, Michelle Boalo was elected mayor.

In Division 1, Rock Wiesel was awarded a place.

Lorne Feldman unseated incumbent Mickey Auger in Ward 2. Unofficial results show Feldman with 449 votes and Auger with 331. Marcus Nibler received 186 votes.

In Ward 3, Bill Gvozdanovic will once again take his place at the council table. He received 372 votes, while Carter Lucic was second with 294 votes and Sylvin Lacroix secured 50 votes.

John Curley returns as Ward 4 alderman, taking 645 votes. Ken Steinbrunner is second in the ward with 370 votes and Tim Jamieson with 329 votes.

They will be familiar faces representing Department 5.

Christine Murray, a one-term alderman in the ward who was appointed mayor over the summer, received 3,965 votes. Behind her is Steve Black with 3,801 votes. He is also a former mayor and served one term as a Timmins alderman before winning the top seat. Andrew Marks and Corey Robin will also return as aldermen, with 2,800 and 2,370 votes respectively.

The English Public School Board race will have Stephen Menier, Crystal Huey and Bob Brush at the table.

Glenn Alan Shekulsky, Colin Landers, Fred Salvador and Paula Del Guidice were chosen as the English special trustees.

The trustees of the French Public Board are Nicole Arcan and Lillian Francis, both of whom were highly regarded.

The French separate trustees are Michelle Maillouk, Denis Belanger and Norm Bolduc.


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